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Hi there!  So as the title of this post so eloquently states, I am setting a goal of both running and blogging daily thru the month of December.  Here it goes!  What I have so far= Dec 1- 5k, Dec 2- 3 miles, Dec 3- 4 miles, Dec 4- 5 miles!  A warning: this post will be a little all over the place.  I am feeling that way today 😉 Poor buddy has a horrible cold.  Thus, he has NOT been sleeping well (even though I have been trying very hard to do a little sleep training to cut down to only one night feed…last night Zach was up THREE times I think due to congestion>side note here is a FANTASTIC post by my buddy Caitlin on sleep training).  Weird, his naps have been super long and good. probably due to not sleeping at night!  Poor boy!  Anyway, I forgot to post buy weekly meal plan (ignore this if you think it is boring-I seriously need it to keep my head straight!)

Monday- Shake and Bake chicken w rice and spinach.  Yes, I LOVE Shake and Bake.

Tuesday- Beef stroganoff a la crock pot.  I edited this recipe myself:

1.5 lb stew meat

1 can golden mushroom soup

1 can beef stock

1 heaping teaspoon fresh chopped garlic

1 pinch salt

1 pinch pepper

container fresh mushrooms

one chopped onion

*Combine all ingredients in crock pot, cook on low for 8-10 hours to make meat soft and delish.  Then, add a container of sour cream, cook on high fro 30 min to an hour.  Enjoy over rice, mashed potatoes or pasta.

Wednesday- Turkey meatloaf and roasted potatoes (I make these potatoes at least once a week)

Thursday- quesadilla casserole

Friday- order out

Anyway, I will see you tomorrow will a new Blog a Day-cember post!  🙂

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