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My little boy is 8 months (yesterday).  I cannot believe!  Cannot.  Where does the time go?! Seriously!  While I absolutely LOVE seeing him grow and change each day, I admit to being a bit remorseful of the time as it seems to fly by.  I am so much in love with this little creature and the feeling is indescribable.  I am so lucky and blessed.  Here’s to many more amazing months, years, decades. I LOVE YOU, Baby Zachary.  The joy you have brought me is unreal.


Oh, and as if on-cue, he started crawling on his 8 month birthday!

The time I ate everything in my house and whatsa mattah with my leg

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Ha. Nice title, word wizard.  But seriously guys, I have been SOOO hungry lately I cannot get enough food in me….and then I’m not hungry for dinner. Anyone else go through this nonsense?  I have been going through phases where I seriously cannot eat enough and food is all I think about.  I think it might be tied to breast feeding. I hear that when the baby is having a growth spurt, Mom will feel more hungry/thirsty.


ANYYYYWAY, do you love how Blog/Run a Day-cember has been an epic #fail for me?  I have run every day (yay) but have failed to blog daily. DO not worry (because I know you have all lost sleep over this) I have a long line-up of posts ready for ya!  So, whatsa mattah with my leg?  Remember I told you my shin had been acting up lately?  Well, I decided to put my big girl pants on and go see a great Dr. at Rothman Orthopedics.  They were great a few years back when I needed their services so I thought I would give it a go.  When I went right after the race, I was experiencing a lot of pain.  Pain when I ran, walked or even touched the area of my shin.  The doctor told me he was pretty sure it was a shin splint as it occurred in the same place as last time.  I was happy with this as it meant that I would not need to rest from running (and ruin Run a Day-cember!  as if!).  BUT he still wanted me to get an MRI to be sure.  I have never had an MRI and thought it was a five minute deal like an X-ray. I was wrong. But that is for another post. Anyway, I had to go back yesterday to go over the MRI.  I walked into his office and apologized because I felt like I ahd wasted his time!  Since I had bought new running shoes, used the new orthotics and began running with compression again. the pain had been much lessened.


I told him “I ran six miles yesterday with no pain!”  He continued to tell me that I did, in fact “have stress to the bone.”  hmmmmmm…not what I wanted to hear.  So, he told me that he treats patients, not MRIs and, in short, that if I was not feeling pain then I would not have to stop running on it.  He said that the bone would continually heal itself as long as I was not OVERrunning.  I told him how much/often I run and he said it is fine, but to listen to my body.


He described it as being like a paper clip that you bend back and forth over and over.  My “paper clip” had not broken but was stressed, as a paper clip would be after much bending. Good analysis Doctor.  Anyway, conclusion is: I like this doctor.  He is a runner too.  And I will listen to my body. And I will keep you posted. I know, you’re dying to hear about it 😉 ha.

Finally, because I KNOW you missed it:  This week’s meal plan!

Monday- Leftovers from Sunday night family party at my Dad’s

Tuesday- meatloaf and roast potatoes with green beans

Wednesday- chicken bites, story fried squash and potato pancake

Thursday- tortilla soup in the crock (recipe coming soon)

Friday- quesadilla casserole (recipe coming soon holy yum)

Anyway, tell me: how are you?!

PS: My baby is 8 months yesterday and on cue started to crawl on his 8 month birthday!  Video to come!