Oh Hellooooo, Fresh Direct!

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Nothing like a full refrigerator!

Nothing like a full refrigerator!

So a couple of weeks ago, some moms in my mommy group were raving about Fresh Direct.  It is an online grocery delivery service that had me quite skeptical at first…and kind of lamenting…I LOVE the grocery store.  Before I had Zach I used to peruse the aisles for hours! Seriously. I LOVED the grocery store.  And being that we live a block from both SuperFresh and Whole Foods, I would frequent these stores often. I also like having fresh groceries, so I would go every couple of days for “supplies” needed for the days ahead.  Anyway, it is a LOT harder with Zachary.  I especially wanted to try Fresh Direct to get things that are hard to carry with a baby (and even without) like bottled water and soda cases (I know, we have a bad diet soda habit in our house…working on it).  So I decided to try Fresh Direct earlier this month when I hosted a huge brunch party for 40 friends and family.  I figured this would be a good time to try it, as the idea of carrying home 6 containers of OJ and everything else we needed made me shutter.  So, I logged on and tried it!  Here are my thoughts.


-Customer Service:  Fresh Direct has been SO good at addressing any of my concerns about product, quality etc (see below) and will answer your email literally within a few minutes of receiving it.  VERY good.

-Credits:  They will issue credits for anything you deem unsatisfactory. So far I have asked for credit for meat that did not have a fresh thru date and two loaves of bread that had an unacceptable fresh thru date (see below).

-Ease: self explanatory

-Comparable prices

-Both organic and conventional choices


-Not as many “sales” as I usually notice in a grocery store, although you can click to filter by sale items on the website.

-Can’t see everything laid out like in a typical store

-Not as many choices as a typical grocery store; mostly brand, although they will accept product suggestions

-They sent me meat (organic chicken) that had NO fresh thru date which I refused to use. I know, call me crazy, but not for me.  Along with this, TWICE they sent me bread that had a fresh thru date of THAT day!  Totally unacceptable when you need to have a loaf of bread with a fresh thru date at least five days from when you purchase due to the nature of the product!

-Amount of boxes: Is this a waste? It seems like it might be.  While I understand the need for them in terms of delivery and stacking in the truck I feel like it might be a waste.


All in all, I would say give Fresh Direct a try.  Especially if you don’t like the experience of grocery shopping, live somewhere that does not allow for easy access to the grocery store, have an infant, or simply can’t be bothered with an in-store experience.  Delivery is somewhere between 6.99 and 8.99.  Orders can be placed up to 5pm to be delivered the next day. Orders can also be modified up until that time to allow for scatterbrains like me to add things.  Have you ever used a grocery delivery service?

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