Zach’s New Trick and Blog/Run-a-Day-Cember

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Hi there!  So Zach is doing this new HILARIOUS thing where he laughs (at himself mostly) in a snorty chuckle.  TOO FUNNY. Take a look:

OK, so I also wanted to update you on how my Blog/Run-a-Day-cember went.  I will admit.  Blog-a-Day did NOT pan out exactly as I had planned, aka I did not blog every day.  Eh. Sorry!  BUT, I DID run EVERY day of December!  Woot!  The worst one I can remember was on Christmas.  I did NOT feel like running, it was hella cold and hilly.  So I banged one out.  One counts!  So, my total for the month of December was 31 days= 130 miles!  WOW!  That equals 5 marathons!  wooohooo!  I was excited about this.  I took a day off today.  Honestly for me rest days are SO much harder than working out.  It is definitely a mental thing. I gain so much mentally from working out that I just don’t like giving that up, but physically I recognize how important it is.  Especially since I am going to have to start doing a long run a week.  Up until now since the baby has been born, the longest I have run is 6.  I am signing up for a half marathon through Central Park on my birthday in April, so I am going to have to get longer runs in…soon!  Point is, in order to stay healthy (and keep my shin in tact which unfortunately has been acting up a bit lately) I needed to take a rest day today and will have to start implementing a weekly one.  Anyway, do tell me:  How often do you take a rest day from working out?

One thought on “Zach’s New Trick and Blog/Run-a-Day-Cember

  1. You have some great recipes on your blog. I really like the award winning chocolate chip cookies on all, it calls for vanilla pudding mix and they are freaken awesome! happy new years!

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