Smart and Cross Training

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Hi everyone!  So today I want to talk about two things surrounding training:  being smart about it and effective cross work.  I am signing up for my first half marathon post-baby.  It is on my birthday!  April 14, 2013!  It is the women’s More Fitness Half through central park (never been) and I am SUPER stoked!  How fun to run in the “city that never sleeps!”  I have run two halfs previously; the Disney Princess half and the Philly Half.  Smart training is NOT Run-a-Day-cember, which resulted in a sore shin.  But, hey, it was a one time challenge (that resulted in 130 miles in 31 days wooot!).  Smart training DOES include REST days, which tend to be super hard on me mentally as I derive a great deal of happiness and stress relief from running.  But in order to train smartly for this half marathon I NEED to take a rest day weekly and have vowed to do so.  I have 14+ training weeks and want to use them wisely. So smart training also requires cross-training. I want to ask you:  What type of cross training do you feel works best for running?  I used to do a lot of Elliptical as it took pressure off of my bum/troubled shin, but now I am beginning to resort to swimming for several reasons:

a.  It reminds me of being pregnant with Zach as I spent much time in the water with him in my belly. I LOVED it.

b.  I feel like it REALLY increases my cardiovascular endurance through controlled breathing which definitely helps with running

c.  I feel in another world under the water and need to escape sometimes. It is truly “me time.”  NO ONE is going to come get me!

d.  I feel like I am getting strength training as well as cardio (or at least my arms/shoulders bark like I am)

d.  I got a waterproof iPod and it is

So tell me:  How do you train “smartly?”  What do you feel is the best cross-training for running?

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Type A Personalities and Babies: Like Oil and Water

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I am Type A.  What’s the point of denying it?  If it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, then, people, most likely it is is duck.  I have always been type A.  Having a baby has not changed my Type A personality but has certainly challenged it.  It is hard to have a baby and maintain the Type a-ness that existed pre-baby.  Here are the facts:  babies are unpredictable.  They change, they are almost never the same month to month or even week to week, and they do NOT care if you are type a.  Yup, read it and weep.  This is probably this hardest thing that I have dealt with psychologically since becoming a Mommy.  I find great comfort in solid predictable cause and effect relationships.  Like eat too much candy, you will get a stomach ache.  Study hard for a test, you will do well.  So, if “sleep begets sleep” and baby has great naps one day, he should sleep amazingly at night, right?  Not so much.  And if you coo and smile and play the BEST game of peekaboo in. your. life, baby will be in a good mood, right?  Nope. If you feed him a crap-ton during the day he won’t need to eat in the middle of the night, right?  Ha.  Not really. Waaaaaaiiitt…if you sing the most amazing rendition of old Mac Donald had a Farm, the baby will stop crying.  Right?  I mean it worked yesterday!  Ha!  There it is! “It worked yesterday” just doesn’t work with babies.  It just doesn’t. And THAT, my friends, MESSES with my type A!  So, if you are a control-freak like me (the pinnacle of a type a personality), you might have a REALLY hard time with the uncontrollable nature of a baby.  After all, they are babies!  There is a reason there are a million bajillion (that’s a word, right?) books out there on all things from baby sleep to baby development.  Because ALL BABIES, like all humans ARE DIFFERENT.  And if you try to control them, or make them adjust to your type a personality (ahem, I am talking to myself here) it just wont work.  So what do you do?  What have I done?  Well, first an foremost, I remind myself that Zach is just a baby.  And I look at a lot of cute pictures of him, or his adorbs self if he is awake.  And I use the love I have for him to calm my inner type a.  Really. But FOR REAL!  Well I have attempted to harness this negative energy into something positive, something I CAN control, like running.  I also try to engage in “self talk.”  Sounds like crazy town, eh?  But no, self talk is a way to talk yourself through situations in order to “get a grip” lol.  It can be something like a mantra such as “let go…” or just reasoning with yourself, like “this is just a phase.  He can’t possibly get up four times a night for his whole life.”  Really.  Anyway, tell me: are you type a?  How does it interfere with your life?  How do you deal with it?  And if you aren’t type a (lucky person hehe), what challenges does your personality pose?  Oh and here is your daily Zach cuteness for the day.