On traveling with a baby (part two)

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I have written a post before about traveling with a baby, when we went to Arizona.  That was when Zach was a few months younger, so I thought I’d do an updated post now that we are back from our latest trip with Zach and he is nine months plus.  The trip overall was wonderful; we went to Fort Lauderdale to see my Grandma (Zach’s Gigi), with the trip down on the plane being MUCH more successful than the way back.  So here is a quick recap:



Here is how I pack for Zachary: Zip locks, Zip Locks and more Zip Locks.  I load these ones up in my carry on:


Diaper supplies: wipes, diapers, diaper creme, lotion, mini shampoo, mini body wash (to consolidate liquids for TSA), disposable diaper changing mats


Food supplies: Mum mums, puffs, water sippy, food pouches, spoons, disposable bibs, table topper

A quick note on the sippy and puff holder.  I have been using both from the Bonn brand and I LOVE them. I received the Boon sippy from my beloved Stork Stack and Zach LOVES it.  He gnaws on it and the water comes out at the perfect rate ($7.49).


The holder for puffs that I use is also by boon and I got it from Diapers.com (only $7.49 as well).  I LOVE it, as it acts like a ball for him (which he loves) and securely holds the puffs.


I also slip a little Zip Lock with an extra outfit in it into my carry-on for emergencies (for myself too; I’ve been pilled on, peed on, etc.).  Also in the carry on goes a few of his favorite books and toys and snacks for me 😉  I always make a list of what I need well ahead of time and keep lists from past trips to remind myself of what I usually take.  Essentials:  sleep sacks, sound machine, monitor, sun hat, sunscreen, etc.  


As for clothing, I always pack one sleep outfit (a onesie) for each night plus an extra.  As for outfits, I usually pack one for every day we are there times 1.5 😉  meaning if we are there four days, I will pack 6 outfits (at least).  Plus I always have the extra I threw in the carry on.



For me, the Bjorn is THE BEST way to get through security and around the airport.  The TSA has been super nice to me with baby lately, letting me cut to the front of the line, not making me take him out of the Bjorn (just swabbing my hands) and letting me get through with water and food for him beyond the allowed 3 ounces.  I also bring his car seat and get him his own seat on the plane. It is TOTALLY worth the money.  HE NEEDS to sleep on a 2+ hour trip.  Speaking of that, I try to schedule the flight, if possible, during one of his naps.  The two flights for Florida were both during his pm nap (on the way there it was a bit later at 3, and on the way back a bit earlier at 2).  The car seat also gives him a place to chill and eat a mum mum or play by himself for a few minutes if he is into it 😉  The plane seats seem like they are getting closer and closer so having him on my lap the whole time can be a bit uncomfortable.  



He also likes doing this:


So, I always hear to nurse during take off and landing so to help with baby’s ears.  It hasn’t seemed to work like that the last few flights, but luckily my child is ALWAYS sucking on his fingers so that takes care of that!



So, it is really important for Zach to have his own area in which to sleep.  Heck, in Arizona, the kid slept in the shower and was as happy as a clam.  This time, I really wanted to get a suite for the same reason and for the fact that I seriously go to bed at an insanely early time.  We snagged a GREAT deal and ended up getting a suite with a kitchenette.  SUPER convenient.  The hotel had a GREAT gym (I know, off topic for a baby post, but it was so nice to have for working out during his naps)


with a roof top pool and jacuzzi in which I soothes my sore muscles after speed and hill work 😉 The view was incredible, as was the weather (80s the whole time!).


ANYWAY, my advice is this:  KEEP BABY AS CLOSE TO HIS NORMAL SCHEDULE AS POSSIBLE so to keep him happy 


Try to make your meal times collaborate to give baby something to do while you are dining as well 


Most of all, HAVE FUN!



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