The Soup I couldn’t eat, but the Homemade bread I could, and the worst time of day

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Hi everyone!  So, as you could surmise from the title, this might be a long post. I apologize ahead of time 😉  Anyway, let’s start with the soup I couldn’t eat.  I had GRAND plans of making a new recipe soup in the crock for dinner along with some homemade bread (I’ll get to that later).  I have made tortilla soup once in the crock pot before and it was good. But I was looking for GREAT.  A little more tomato-y if that is a word.  So I used this recipe.  For people who can handle spice (like my Husband), I am sure it was amazing, but me, I couldn’t do it!  IT was toooo spicy.  So, if you can “take the heat” get int he kitchen and make this recipe!  As for the bread, I recently saw this girl make homemade bread on her blog.  I thought immediately that I needed to try with especially with soup night!  But alas, I did NOT read through the WHOLE recipe (found here) and therefore was unaware of how intense making bread is!  I mean how many times does it need to rise? The answer:  a LOT.  Anyway, it was WELL worth the wait(s).  AMAAAZING. And soooo beautiful!  


I had a garlic-bread style piece with my (couple bites of) soup and a piece for dessert with jelly. YUM!  Try this recipe now (if you have a day at home to wait for it to rise several times).  I may have had dessert number 2 of these amazing cookies.  They NEVER fail.  Moving on to a less pleasant subject; the worst time of day.  I am sure most SAHMs will agree with me (as I have had this discussion with some others) that the late afternoon (a bit after the pm nap until dinner) is the hardest time of day.  It just draaaaaags soooo much.  WIth the weather and it getting dark so soon, I can’t do my usual time-killer of going to the playground across the street.  That used to really break it up so nicely.  SO, I have been finding other things to do to make this time more pleasurable for both Zach and me.  The first thing is a mommy meet up group that I started (email me for details) that meets every other week on Tuesdays at 4pm.  SO great to beat the late pm blues.  I also try to make other play dates during this time.  Another fun thing we have been doing (that can SERIOUSLY kill like an hour) is experimenting with different foods!  Since Zach is almost ten months (gasp!) he is now allowed to “experience” (ha, see below) al different kinds of food.  I admit, I have been sorta hesitant up until now to give him too much, and I am still super careful about what types of food I give him and try to follow this website, but I am starting to branch out!  He is loving it and so am I.  And again, it does help pass time during the late pm hours.  Here’s what we’ve been having:

YOGURT (Yo Baby Organic Peach flavor, Whole Foods)



He liked it.


Avocado slices


Mango slices


(suck suck suck! soooo cute!)

Anyway, as you can see, I do a mixture of purees (his favorite are sweet potatoes) and “baby led weaning style finger foods (long chunks to gnaw on rather than itty bitty pieces).  So, do tell:  Do you find this time of day to be challenging?  What/how do you feed your baby?  What is a new recipe you have tried?!

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