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As in silence.  Dunno.  Haven’t had much to say lately!  Things around here have been pretty routine, which I will get into in a moment, so I guess it has been more of the same!  Always a good thing 😉  Anyway, I wanted to talk a little bit about our “routine” as you are, I am sure, wondering what we “do all day” 😉  I was SUPER happy when the “winter” session for classes started up, as I (we) don’t do well cooped up in the house all day.  This “semester,” we are taking TWO music classes (one Monday and one Tuesday)- I swear Zach is musically inclined; when I sing he holds an egg shaker (his favorite) and when it is not in his mouth, he shakes it to the beat!  We do this a lot. He also likes drumming…on anything…with anything.  We also do a formal mommy group on Wednesdays which I really like.  There is always an activity for the kids (ex: sidewalk chalk on big paper, or sensory activities like shapes on contact paper), snack time, songs, bubbles, books, play time and mommy conversation.  Love it all.  Zach is the youngest baby int he group (only by about a month) so it is cool to see “where he is headed” with his development.    Speaking of development (excuse my off-topic-ness) Zach is going thru a waking up several times a night phase which kinda stinks.  Anyway, we also meet up with some other mommies during the week for play time, and if the weather permits, we go to the (newly renovated across the street) playground whenever possible.  We also find new (and unconventional) things to play with daily.


Life is good!  Anyway, I just don’t have much more to say (shocker!) so I will talk to you soon and leave you with a cute Zach picture (duh) with his walker!


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