What’s In My Purse?

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There’s my little man with my purse in the background; one of his favorite activities is playing “empty Mommy’s purse”

So, Caitlin did this and I thought it was really fun so I am joining in!  As I was writing this post, I started thinking about how different the contents of my purse look post-baby than pre-baby.  hehe.  Would’ve been cool to do a before and after.  But either way, here is the after!  Enjoy!


And a close-up





Halls Defense-I take at least 1/day to help my immune system out-LOVE the grapefruit flavor

Bubbles to entertain Zach (in the ice cream cone container-they are ice cream scented)

Fake keys for Zach to chew on

Baby socks


Car Key

Wallet and house keys

Caterpillar baby toy/rattle

Baby Mum Mum crackers

A container of mascara that I don’t think Ive ever used and have no idea how it got there


Hand Sanitizer


Post its (for my endless lists)

Old shopping list

Chap stick

Planner (because I am type a duh)

Eye rewetting drops


Empty Luna wrapper (I keep these; the bars, not the wrappers) on me at all times

Another diaper

A random Yurbud earbud

So, there you have it!  The (totally random) contents of my purse.  Share!  What’s in your purse?!  Oh and just for the cute factor, get a load of Zach’s first pair of shoes.  Pedipeds for the win.  I die!


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