Weekend Wrap-Up and Meal Plan

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First things first:  my poor little buddy has a NASTY cold and it has taken our household by storm.  Poor guy.  He just wants to snuggle and cuddle with his Mama…and is having trouble sleeping.  He literally cries himself to sleep.  I think he is just so confused as to why he is feeling so crummy and why it won’t stop.  Breaks my heart.  It is so hard for him to nurse, too, which would be really good for him (to both ward off dehydration and give him antibodies to fight this thing off) and he DETESTS the snot sucker.  But, it is necessary.  I have been putting him in the bathroom and reading to him with the shower on hot for 5-10 minutes before his nap and then using the dreaded nose sucker before his naps and bed.  OK, enough about that.  But it sucks.  Anyway, needless to say, much of the weekend was devoted to taking care of Zach but we did have a lot of fun having friends (and their similar-age baby) in to visit for the entire day yesterday.  What a blast!  The kids were really funny together.  



Today, I got in a ten-miler per my training plan.  Yay!  I was able to see TWO Scandal episodes.  SUPER “OP”sessed 🙂  LOVE that show.  My TV queue on my iPad is Revenge (currently caught up), Nashville (one more to watch to get caught up) and SCANDAL!  I am only two episodes into season two and cannot wait to hop on the treadmill each day to see what’s up with Olivia Pope, her hot relationship with the pres, Quinn (who in real life is married to an old friend of mine), and the rest of the gang.  LOVE. OK, that’s my public service announcement- go watch this show NOW.  Moving on, as Zach is napping, I took the time to meal plan for the week and derive a related grocery store list.  I will go to Whole Foods with Zach when he wakes up to get meats, and the other things I get there, and will do a Fresh Direct for the other (heavy/large) items like soda, etc.  So, here is my weekly meal-plan:

Sunday- chicken pot pie

Monday- beef stew in the crock pot

Tuesday- chicken marsala and angel hair

Wednesday- quesadilla casserole with ground turkey

Thursday- chicken strips with cous cous and string beans

Friday- order out

So tell me:  do you weekly meal plan?!  Do share!


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