Baby Bangs and How I Meal Plan

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Ok, so first things first:  Do you moms out there have this problem:


I am hiding them well in this picture- side swoop 😉

BABY BANGS!?!?! UGH I look like Winnona Ryder is Girl Interrupted.  Blah.  YUCK.  Not her, me.  When I was pregnant I had LOVELY thick flowing hair. Fun fact:  I actually got extension (yup, don’t judge) the DAY BEFORE I found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, the combination of Prenatal vitamins and preggo hormone hair, they were a WASTE of money and grew out in like a month (and that is being forgiving).  I had some nasty roots.  ANYWAY, the point is, I had SERIOUS thick nice hair when I was pregnant (I tend to have a normal amount of fine hair when not) but when I gave birth, it all came out!



Well, not all of it, obviously, but I have shaded LIKE CRAZY for the past ten months. It is getting better, but I am left with the above now:  BABY BANGS.  Anyway, I am not only reaching out to complain, but to ask for help!  What do I do with these babies!?  A few things help (one of those things is NOT a ponytail- this showcases them the worse but still tends to be my most-worn hairstyle with a hair-yanking baby):  

Drying the front right away if I am wearing it straight (which I normally do)

Wear my hair curly (blech-I feel so messy when my hair is curly)

Never tried this one but I hear putting a little hairspray on an old toothbrush and brushing them back?  Dunno.  Anyway, please help if you have a solution!!!

OK, moving on:  How I meal plan.  Some people (like one, lol) have asked how I meal plan for the week.  It is super easy the way I do it, and I actually enjoy it (the crazy part of me). 

1.  Become type A. LOL.

2.  Seriously though- look at your week and think about what days you might go out, work late (and need a crock pot dinner or similar), etc.

3.  If you like variety like me, I write proteins down in a column (see below) and try to do “meatless Mondays” although this week it is meatless Friday.  Then, draw lines and be sure to skip days between proteins. I end up doing chicken twice, turkey, beef and veg.


4.  See what you have on hand and what you can “double dip” with.  For instance, I used chicken broth in last night’s pot pie, and will be able to use up the rest in tomorrow’s chicken marsala.

5.  Do what works.  I often copy meal plans that I’ve used before and DEFINITELY repeat recipes that work!  

PS:  An unexpected addition to the meal plan this week was some amazing chocolate chip butterscotch cookies Sunday and Rice Krispie treats today!  YUM!

And here are a couple cute pictures of Zach from the park (unfortunately he is still sick but we had to get out of the house):


Um, can you handle his little “tail” sticking out of the swing?!


OK, anyway, that is a little peek into how I meal plan.  Do share:  Do you do meal planning!?  Also, help me with the baby bangs!!!!

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