Truth-Day Tuesday 2

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Woah!  A second installation of something?!  Hahha!  Happy tuesday!  ENjoy!

1.  I have owned way too many cars than I care to admit on this here blog.  Seriously.  Ill tell you about the demise of one. Long story short, in a horrible rain storm about nine years ago (it was a news maker), I was driving my LOW riding Totyota Celica (LOVED that car) home from work.  The weather was horrible and there was flooding everywhere.  It was so bad that MANY roads were closed in the area due to the proximity of the Schyulkill and other rivers. I had to ask a police officer which way to go because I could not get out of the street flooded town of Conshohocken.  He said to go down the street and turn RIGHT onto RIVER road.  I did so and ended up driving into the flooded street that had swelled from said river.  Behind me (to the left) the road had been closed off.  True story. IT was pitch dark outside.  My car immediately flooded and I was stuck inside. I will bare you the details, but I ended up having to be rescued after about maybe a half hour by a fire fighter in an emergency vehicle.  Crazy story, huh?  Crazier is that most of my car stories end in similarly dramatic fashion.  Mhmmmm!

2.  I eat the same thing for lunch every day (pb and j on Vermont whole wheat). That is weird but even weirder is the method in which I eat it:  same.  I will spare you details because it will make me sound even nuttier than I am.  I start with the crust…

3.  I used to read MANY blogs religiously.  Then I had a child.  The only ones I regularly read are:

Healthy Tipping Point

Hungry Runner Girl

Sporadic Check ins:

Skinny Runner Girl

Carrots N Cake

Woah.  What a difference in my blog roll from before Zach!

4.  I watch the Bachelor and have (Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad too) every. single. season.  And I love it.  I don’t care.  You can judge. I judge myself sometimes for it.  I love “the journey,”  with “the man.” It is “amazing.”  Because they are all “there for the right reasons.”  LOL

5.  I used to have a VERY bad shopping habit. I believed in quantity not quality.  This resulted in “tag bags” in my closet; bags of clothing with the tags still on waiting to be worn.  Again, you can judge, but I would go to Old Navy and spend 50 bucks on 7-8 items! I couldn’t resist a bargain!  And I loved waiting for special occasions to wear my new digs, but this, again resulted in tag bags. LOL!

OK, so your turn:  do share! What is something funny that people don’t really know about you!? 

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