Please Touch!

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Yesterday was Zachary’s first trip to the Please Touch Museum.  He did well!  He crawled, cruised, rode and seemed to enjoy himself!  But first, on the way, we stopped at Smith Memorial Playground where they were having a special St. Patty’s day even in their amazing playhouse.  We are definitely going to join there. Both the outdoor and indoor spaces are incredible.  The art activities were a bit beyond Zach’s age, so we toured the house, read a book, and were on our way.


From the playground, we hopped on Girard and headed over the the Please Touch museum.  It was a beautiful day out and we really too advantage of the weather.


When we got there, we walked around the main floor and explored the exhibits.  We spent some time in the “Space” area where he crawled through a spaceship tunnel


and I put him in the train for a photo op.


Then we headed downstairs where he spent a lot of time hanging out (i.e.: putting fake potatoes in his mouth, hitting on an older chick, and climbing stairs) in the “front porch” area that is designated for children 3 and under.





I hate to be “that person” but it really irked me how many children over three were in there.  There are very few small places exclusively for 3 and under (I think I only saw two) and I feel like they should be just that: exclusive for lil’ ones.  Zach almost got ran over many times.


But, it was super fun and I was able to put aside my type A germaphobe-ness as he put everything in his mouth (duh).  We stopped by the train exhibit to take a look and then headed upstairs to the cafe to have some lunch.


Ah!  He looks like such a big boy!  By that time it was getting late (i.e.: almost nap time) so we went to get in line for the carousel!!!!


I was wondering how he would like it.  Or if he would like it.  But he did!  We even went on one of the horses that went up and down!


Fingers in the mouth, of course 😉  Anyway it was an awesome day.  I can’t wait to take him back when he is walking on his own to let him roam around some more!  Have you ever been to the Please Touch Museum?

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  1. Next time you go, Me-Mom wants a reservation. Can’t wait!! Today the Please Touch Museum, tomorrow Disneyworld! Great pictures.

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