Meatballs in the crock: MAKE.THIS.NOW.

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Ok, so let me set the scene:  I knew I wanted meatballs for dinner, but also knew that my schedule did not afford me a ton of time in the evening to be in the kitchen.  So, I hesitantly looked up recipes for meatballs in the crock pot.  I was skeptical because I normally really like the meatball to be cripsy on the outside so I bake them usually.  BUT, I had a serious need for the meat-ah-ball-ahs so I made up my own recipe and it did NOT disappoint.  INCREDIBLE.  The sauce turned into a bit of a bolognese, as the meatballs crumbled a bit into the sauce.  They still held their form though and were fantastic over pasta.  So, here is the recipe. It was SUPER easy.  Come one now, would I steer you in the wrong direction!??!


*Combine in a bowl:

one lb ground meat (I used turkey but you could use beef or chicken as well)

one egg (beaten)

3/4 cup italian seasoned breadcrumbs

about half an onion chopped

a heaping tablespoon of garlic (chopped)

a handful of parsley (maybe about 1/8 cup?)

*Mush together (with your hands preferably; so much easier)

*Form into “balls”

*Pour half a jar of your chosen sauce in the bottom of the crock.  Add the meatballs.  Pour the rest of the sauce over the meatballs until covered.

*Cook on low for 6-8 hours (store occasionally if possible so to avoid the balls sticking to the side).  I did 8 hours.  It was perfection!  You MUST try this!   Serve over pasta with grated pecorino.  (duh) 🙂