Truth-day Tuesday 3

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I almost forgot this week!  I will make it fast bc Im TIYUUUUURD.

1.  I have used my jogging stroller for a total of two times for the purposes of jogging including today. I decided it was a hell of an expensive “mall stroller” to sit in the trunk and thought it would be a good training tool.  So out we went. You haven’t run until you’ve done so pushing a 40 lb jogging stroller…with an almost 20 pound baby in it.  I have the BOB revolution and like it.  It is hard though and it was rainy and windy.  There were points in the run where I was pretty sure I was standing still.  Tough stuff.

2.  I won’t eat at food trucks.  I have REALLY weird OCD stuff surrounding food.  I fear germs within food and food trucks seem dirty to me. I know it is crazy and I know I am missing out, but this is Truth-day Tuesday and that is “DA TRUF!”

3.  I am really impatient.  It is a personality trait that i do not admire either within others or myself. It is something I TRULY wish I could change, but in my 33 years (almost) I have yet to do so.

4.  I totaled one of my cars by hitting a deer while driving in “the sticks.”  Yup, told you I have some ridiculous car stories.. It was my first car ever. It was a hunter green Toyota Echo that my dad INSISTED I buy.  I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it. (The idea of it; the car is long gone.  I don’t even think they make them anymore?)

5.  I have a thing for Canadian hockey players.  I love the badass-ness of them. I LOVE a good hockey fight. I am a big Flyers fan.  My favorite is Wayne Simmonds.  YUM. YUM. YUM.

OK, still waiting for someone to share something!!!

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