The Mom Haircut

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Ya know, I was the person who always asked “why do people get mom haircuts?! Like, what is the need to cut your hair when you become a mom?! Is it a rite of passage!?” Boy was I judgmental…and SOOOO uninformed. People, ladies get mom hair cuts for the following reasons (as I am now aware):

-To mask baby bangs

-Because the fact is, when you are pregnant, you grow long luscious thick hair. And then when you are no longer pregnant, it all falls out and more. Many women, I am told, are left with bald spots even! Luckily mine just turned into said baby bangs. So, the hair is limp, thin and a good “mom cut” does a mommy good.

-Babies pull hair. Not like a little yank here and a little yank there, but full on, non-stop PULLING! So, the shorter the better.

-Maintenance, duh. Shorter hair=less dry time/styling time (if you even do that anymore)

-Maturity-hahhaha KIDDING!

Anyway, today I got a serious mom cut 😉 No, really though my hair needed a serious cut and a little bang action to mask the baby bangs 😉 Did you get a mom cut when you became a mom?!


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