Push For the Tush! Get your Rear in Gear 2013 Race Review


Hi everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekends!!!  So, I don’t normally “review races per say,” but I love when SR does and I had an abnormal amount of thoughts about this race, so I thought I’d do a little review.  First, let me say, this is a GREAT cause and I was SO happy to be able to participate in this year’s Get Your Rear in Gear.  I was VERY pregnant last year so running was it was out.  And it is funny because the year before, I ran it in a TANK TOP that I made that said “Push for the tush!”


TWO years ago, same race…way different conditions!

Today though, there was NO tank top.  IT was FRIGID this am!

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 1.54.01 PM

I was dressed in a LOT of layers.  Compression socks, fleece running tights, a performance zip up under another performance hoodie with a throw away shirt on top (that I got rid of when they were coating down for the start of the race).  Oh, and gloves.  Gloves were KEY!

photo 3

The race was set to start at 9am with the 10k starting first, followed by the 5k and the 2 mile walk.  Ok, so big petpeave:  the race started almost 9 minutes late because they were still setting up water stations.  The race announcer was super nice, apologetic and explained the delay, but 9 minutes is a LONG time in 32 degree weather.  Matters were definitely made worse by the insane porta potty lines, and I was unable to use them prior to the race because I needed to be at the start (parking was also horrible, but I did exit my car at 8:54!).  BUT, I couldn’t gone given that the race was 9 minutes late to start, and it was pretty uncomfortable holding it for 6.2 miles.  ANYWAY, the race finally started.  It was a tough course.  It began at the Please Touch museum, winded through Fairmount park, then down an enormous hill to MLK drive, back UP said horrible hill and back to Please Touch.  The elevation changes were tough, especially for this treadmill nerd and ESPECIALLY on the final hill at about mile 5.3…I can’t find the elevation map anymore, but here is the link to the course map.  The highest elevation was 126 and lowest 26, so I assume that last horrific hill was a 100 ft climb.  Anyway, another petpeave of mine is when courses are long.  This course was particularly long.  My Garmin said 6.2 miles (53:52) about .15 or .2 away from the finish.  My official race time was 54:17, so this means I ran almost a minute longer!  I don’t like that.  And I would blame it on weaving, etc., but there really wasn’t much room to do that, so I think it was just a particularly long course.  But we did get a big reward of amazing snacks.  There was fruit and a TON of bars. I love bars.

photo 4

I had my headphones on still, so I am hoping they didn’t say “please take one.” oops!

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 2.26.36 PM

I am proud of myself.  16 in my age group!  68 among females!  By the way, my 5k split was 24:20!  Rookie mistake; went out too fast.  Oh, well.  Still super stoked.

UPDATE:  here is the elevation map from my Garmin

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 2.37.25 PM

So, the price was reasonable; $27 for both the 5 &10k.  Packet pick-up was easy and low-key at a local church.  The “expo” was VERY small, but better for a budget conscious Jess 😉  Overall, I am so glad to have run this race and I am proud of myself; I did PUSH for the tush!

In other running news, I got the most AMAZING running skirt from Athleta.  It fits SOOO well and is just the right length.  It is called the Swagger Skort.  I normally race in running skirts (obviously not today) and was looking for one for my half in April. I am going to go buy another right when I click publish!

photo 2

Oh, and in non-running news, here is a daily dose of cuteness 😉

photo 1

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