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I forgot about this meal; I used to make it all the time. Then again, I’ve quit my Indian food habit since breastfeeding but I’m back as I feel his belly can handle the spices now. Anyways this meal is so good And easy I had to share. You need
One pound chicken diced and browned
One package frozen veggies. I usually like the steam fresh mushroom and peas but only had the ones below on hand
Patak’s simmer sauce. I love the tikka masala.


After browning chicken, add veggies and simmer sauce. I usually put a bit of water in the jar and shake to “get it all out”


Let simmer for about 15 minutes.
This works because the rice takes about that long. I like basmati or jasmine rice with it. Yum!


All at once

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Today was crazy! I find Mondays always are. So I there I Found myself around 12:30 PM doing many things all at once. Thank heavens I didn’t mess any of them up.
-Putting away groceries
-loading the dishwasher
-Chasing after zach crawling around the kitchen (and then getting a clue and putting him in his high chair)
-Making Zach his first pancakes

-baking cookies

Yes. It was kind of crazy, and the kitchen is a mess to prove it. But i got a lot done all at once. And how about this for a daily dose of cuteness? My two boys.