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Hi everyone!  It is (finally) starting to look like spring (aka no snow, sun is shining) YAY!  I haven’t checked in for a few days so I wanted to do so, but first thing’s first: I am (publicly) declaring my intent to GET OFF MY PHONE 😉  Seriously, be it my ADHD and inability to concentrate on only one thing, my need to multi task, my type A personality, or most likely a combination of the three, I am finding myself on my phone WAY more often than I would like to be.  The thing has become an appendage and I am a slave to its every vibration. It. Needs. To. Stop;  Zachary is at the age where he WILL understand that Mama is not devoting her full attention to him, and quite frankly, I want to try being more present.  There is NO NEED TO DO IT ALL, ALL THE TIME.  Work emails, texts, etc. can WAIT!

photo 2



OK, so more on my mind:

-Meal planning:  I will return with a fresh new one for next week, and am working on a blog post chronicling MANY of my easy meals by type (meat, ease level, etc).  But this week was crazy. I actually had dinner out (gasp!) with a great friend, and dinner over another friend’s house.  Our kiddos ate together and it was ADORBS!

photo 5

OH, and her husband cooked me dinner which was amazing.  I love a good home cooked meal (especially not made by me!). He packed leftovers and let me say, they did not stand a CHANCE!  My fingers were in the rice by the time I got on the highway.  Both unsafe and gross.  Anyway, tonight I am making crock meatballs and will have next week’s meal plan up this weekend.  As a preview, I will tell you Sunday will entail a traditional Easter dinner of Ham, Lasagna, Easter bread (yup, bring on the carbs) and roasted broccoli or asparagus (gonna see what the market has).

-Blogging: I am currently attempting to better organize the blog so it is easier to navigate, primarily by going to all archived posts and tagging, so that when you click on a category, you will TRULY get all posts related to the tag (ex: baby, opinion, crock pot).  It is quite the endeavor, but it needs to be done. It is an easy mindless after-baby-goes-to-bed task that will help me do a “favorites” post as well.  Coming soon.

-OK, so does anyone see any problem with this?  We were at my Mom’s for family dinner and she doesn’t have a high chair yet for Zach, so we “made do.”  See below contraption.

photo 1

He seems happy!  RIGHT!?!? Gotta be resourceful!  Better than him sitting on the floor!

-Also, I NEED to get him a sort of tunnel-like thing. HE LOOVES playing in these.  This is him playing at playgroup in a tunnel-like train contraption. SO CUTE.

photo 3

-Ed Sheran is on Live with Kelly and Michael. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his songs but they make me sad (sorry side note).

-Zach is now standing on his own! It had definitely added to his cuteness!

photo 4

-My shin is MUCH better. Last week’s four day rest allowed me to complete a pain-free 12 miler.  I am SO happy.  I saw this picture on HRG blog.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 9.49.54 AM

True Story.

-I am SOOO looking forward to my half on my BIRTHDAY in two weeks. I admit, I am a bit afraid of the hills that Central Park will bring, but I am not looking to PR (I want to do this on the flat Philly rock n roll half in september when I plan to go Balls. To. The. Wall.) just to finish and feel good.  And maybe not stop at all.

-Speaking of running, Mantras. I have been thinking about this lately.  Do you have a mantra you use for anything? Exercise?  Stress?  I realize I do and didn’t even notice.  I just say “PUSH, PUSH” and sometimes “YOU CAN DO THIS.”  But mainly PUSH. Inhale, exhale PUSHHHHHHH 😉

OK, sorry for being TOTALLY all over the place today.  I guess it is that kind of week!  Hope everyone is well!!!!!

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