Stroller Stress.

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I’ve thought these thoughts before but haven’t yet gathered them for the blog but after events over the last 24 hours hours, here I go.  So, up until recently, I have carried Zachary in a carrier 80% of the time.  But, he is getting big, my back is starting to hurt, and the weather is nicer so he doesn’t need to be bundled into me as much.  So, with my increased use of the stroller, I am starting to see JUST HOW HARD IT IS TO NAVIGATE around the city with a stroller!  And this had me thinking:  how hard must it be for handicapped people to get around in the city?  It is ABSURD.  THREE places I went to over the last 24 hours were nearly impossible to navigate my stroller within.  So, I assume they are not handicapped accessible either?  The three places:

Williams Sonoma in the Belleuve:  The doors are incredibly heavy to the Belleuve, there is no ramp and the store itself is crowded and hard to navigate.

Philadelphia Runner:  Could NOT get the stroller through the displays. At. All.  And let’s not even talk about how I truly felt as if the sales people thought I was crazy for a.  being there with a jogging stroller at all and b.  asking to (gasp!) breast feed in the dressing room.  Seriously.

Reading Terminal Market- forgettaboutit.

So yes, I understand we are in the city. The city is crowded, the stores are small, and therefore the layout will be challenging for strollers, wheelchairs and the like.  BUT, there is no excuse to not have ramps. I am going to be checking out this situation at various places around the city and will report back  😉  Have you ever noticed this atrocity where you live? There have GOT to be bylaws about this (handicap-accessibility)…I will check it out.  Anyway, look what Zach learned how to do (in said stroller)…CLAP!: