They Can’t All be PRs

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Hello everyone!  I’ve been trying to post about yesterday’s race for a good 24 hours but was not feeling well after.  This has happened the last two races in which I have participated.  I think I am just getting extremely dehydrated, with the combination of racing and breast feeding and my body feels crappy for a good 24 hours after unfortunately.  I think I am going to really focus on hydrating for the days leading up to my next race (next week is the Broad Street Run).  AAANWAY, yesterday was a 10k for the March of Dimes.  Having my own son, this cause has become dear to my heart so I was excited to be able to race for it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.32.44 AM

It took place at the art museum, onto Martin Luther King Drive and back.  It was super flat and I was looking to PR.  Unfortunately I had some gasto issues prior to the race and just did NOT feel good the entire 6.2 miles.  Boo.  So this is how i gague the success of a race; how I FELT during it.  Obviously I look to PR at races, but overall I feel this is a better way to judge myself during a race.  So yea, yesterday wasn’t great.  I fought for every tenth of a mile.  BUT, I did end up coming in second in my age division (30-39), just seconds (6, to be precise) shy of my PR (54:17)

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.39.12 AM

Anyway, I am FINALLY starting to feel better. I don’t like when that happens so I will be doing my best to hydrate well next week and in subsequent races.  Tell me: Does this ever happen to you? 

We did manage to make it to the park yesterday to view Husband’s baseball game and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are some cute pics 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



PS:  Does anyone else think it is next to impossible to get a good picture of two babies together?!  Ha!  Some outtakes…

photo 4


photo 5

Odd ball…I mean number. And what I wear to race.

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OK, so first off, do you like my new hat?  I got it specifically for a weekend wedding on Martha’s Vineyard (never been but super stoked to go) with many events and dresses warranting a straw fedora 😉  Or do I look ridiculous?  Or like an oddball?

photo 2

Speaking of oddball, one crazy thing about me is that I am super superstitious.  For one, I feel MUCH more confident about a race when my bib number is odd.  Yup. So, for tomorrow I am 59.  Yay!

photo 4

Secondly, regarding superstitions with races, I lay out my things in a VERY meticulous way the night before.  And am SUPER weird anal about it.

First, I lay out my clothing.  Here is a list of what I (typically) wear for a race:


-Sneakers:  Brooks Ghost for longer than 10k distances, (my feet tend to swell or something weird at longer distances and the wider toe box of the Ghost accommodate best for this) and Brooks Adrenaline or Mizuno Wave Riders if shorter than 10k (they are lighter and more flexible, which my shin can handle for only shorter distances and tend to be faster). By the way, the new Wave Riders look amazing; I might have to try 🙂

-Compression socks (Zensah or Procompression) depending on outfit color 😉

-Running Skirt; I always race in skirts, it makes me feel special 🙂  I especially dig the Athleta ones.

-Top:: varies with temperature, race type/cause, etc.

-Two sports bras (varied brands).  Need I say more 🙂

My other gear:

photo 4

From the More Fitness Half

-Garmin (fully charged)

-ifitness belt (one side holds my iphone perfectly, which I use to listen to music, other side for Fuel, if necessary, gum, a bandaid and my keys

-Bib (with safety pins attached to each corner, ready to be attached the next morning)

Headphones on top

-Throw away shirt (if needed)

Anyway, tell me: How do you prepare for a race?  Do you have any weird superstitions regarding running or anything at all?

And then I forgot to pick up my race packet. So let’s talk about sleep.

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Guys!!! I completely forgot to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s march of dimes run for babies 10k! I never do that stuff! The day just slipped away from me. And today we are going out of town to visit my grandma so I’m unable to pick it up today. Thank heavens for an amazing buddy who is going to grab it for me. Argh! Anyway, for tomorrow’s 10k I’m really hoping to pull a pr but who knows. Conditions will be great: good weather, flat-as-a-pancake course (art museum down mlk boulevard), day before rest. But who knows. All runners are aware that you should expect the unexpected 😉 so at my last 10k (run for colon cancer) I pr’d at 54:17. BUT there was a ginormous hill and the course had varied terrain in general. Oh and it was 33 degrees. So I’m excited to see what tomorrow holds. I’ll keep you posted of course. Aaaaannyway, lets talk about sleep. How is this related to me forgetting to pick up my packet? Well before I could blame it on sleep deprivation, but I have to say (knock on wood, preferably the baby crib lol) we’ve been making some good strides in the sleep area. Up until a week ago, I’ve been dream feeding zach (taking him out of him crib and nursing him while he is half asleep before I go to sleep so I get a stretch of sleep from when I go to sleep rather than from when he goes to sleep). Then he would wake up at least once to feed during the night, twice if it was a bad one. I decided when he turned one that the dream feed needed to go. For one, I was basically teaching him to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Secondly, it was becoming a bit burdensome as it dictated when I could go to bed (I couldn’t go to bed Early because the dream feed wouldn’t make sense) and sometimes I just want to go to bed, no passing go, no collecting. 200 dollars, you know!? I’d be soooo tired, teeth brushed, flossed, contacts out, etc. and then have to go feed the baby. So I just dropped the dream feed. Nothing ceremonious and no tapering. A clean drop. And it has worked super well thus far! He is getting up only once now to eat, between 4 and 5, which is amazing as he is getting an 8-9 our stretch. Can’t ask more than that!!! So I hope this continues. I’ll keep you posted! Tell me: if you have a baby, what’s the sleep situation like? If not, tell me about a recent blunder you made (like forgetting to pick up your race packet derp!).


44 Bucks


You guys, seriously, I HAVE to tell you about the BEST way I spent 44 bucks EVER (other than my purchase of my Adidas Boston Strong shirt for the One Fund).  I am still basking in the glory of my little shopping spree. So, I love Old Navy. I have waxed poetic about it before, but haven’t had much shoppy time lately since the birth of my son.  He somehow isn’t as into it as I am?! What whaaaat?!  Anyway, yesterday I had five minutes… literally…to run in there myself and 44 dollars later (YUP!) I walked out with SEVEN amazing spring pieces!  Take a look!  I will preface this with the fact that I did receive 30% off becauase it was “stuff and save” when using your Old Navy credit card (ha, yea that decision to get an Old Navy cc was a financially fantastic one LOL)…

photo 2

Flowered cardigan- $4.70

Light blouse with keys on it- $6.89

Ruched one piece for the post-baby bod-$15.07

photo 3

Cute dress- $5.96

Navy top w crochet overlay- $4.70

Flowery tunic- $5.63

But the BIG ridiculous bargain, is actually this gem below-my favorite purchase of the day for a whopping 61 CENTS!  I kid you not!

photo 4

I am including the receipt for proof!  I wouldn’t believe me either!

photo 5

YUP!  61 cents!  And soooo cute no!?

Anyway, I just HAAAD to share this amazingness with you all 😉  ALSO amazing is this new running skirt from Athleta, my new favorite go-to store for running skirts.  BTW, NOT a bargain like the aforementioned clothing items, but SUPER cute and flattering.

photo 1

I mean, who doesn’t love a high quality bathroom selfie!?

OK, well thanks for listening, and definitely hop over to Old Navy for some bargains!  PS: this post is NOT endorsed by any company, just my personal “professional shopper” opinion 🙂  Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather where  you are!!!

Weird stuff people say


photo 2

When  I initially began writing this post, it was going in an entirely different direction, but something funny happened the other day so I decided to change the “movement” of this piece 😉  Ha.  So anyway, I imagine we have all been in situations where either we, or someone else, says something and you think to yourself, “SERIOUSLY!??”  Yea, so the other day at music class, I was playing with Zachary, minding my own business, when a Nanny sitting next to us says to me, “Your son, he looks like a girl.”  Silence.  My response…”Um… well, I don’t really think that….uhhhh.”  She continues…” His face…It looks like a girl.”  The lovely lady next to me said “I think he just looks like you.”  OK.  So really!?!?  I mean even if you do think my son looks like a chick, no worries…but you don’t REALLY need to spark up a conversation to tell me such.



photo 4


So that’s what this post is really about 😉  I’m not offended that this person had those thoughts, I just think it is an interesting topic:  the Weird ishhhh people say.  And I think we can even take it to another level at this point in our ever-so-advanced-technologically society; where social media prompt MANY unsolicited comments; ones that I doubt would be uttered face-to-face.  And we are all guilty of it; something sneaks out, you catch it, but not it time.  Heck, I totally did it the other day.  I was surprised to find out a person I knew had children.  My response, “Oh you look so young to have kids!”  Hers:  “I am.” DERP.  We all do it. But how do we respond, I think, is the most important component of the discussion.  How do you respond when someone says something funky or how about when YOU are the culprit?

PS: I think the greatest development in my (cutely) pathetic dog’s life is Zach’s new adventures with food.  Note the lurker in the background LOL!

photo 1

My Favorite Things


Hi everyone!  A special “hello” to those of you visiting from this blog…a gem!  I hope you stick around for more nonsense in the future 😉  So I thought in light of some possible new traffic 🙂 I might do a favorite posts lists to draw you in to my crazy blog life.  hehe.  Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my faves!



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OK, so thanks for visiting!  Welcome!  And for those long-time visitors, thanks for coming back!  See you tomorrow with a post about “weird stuff people say.'”

A Day of Firsts.


Today was SUCH a fun day, I will admit, the most important reason being that Zachary is FINALLY feeling better and back to his normal giggly lovely self.  YAY!  Boo for sick babies.  Anyway, he had a lot of firsts today!


Making muffins with his friends (and trying them-he loved them!)


Finger painting-so fun but what a mess!  Please note the blue nipple.

finger paint body

Going in the sandbox!  He was a little unsure, but was ok with it minus getting sand in his mouth (finger suckers will have this issue)


Trying peanut butter!

peanut butter

I was SO nervous to try this (if god forbid he was allergic, even though I have no reason to feel he would be as neither myself nor my husband are) but I kept Benadryl near by and went for it. He loved it!  Yay!  So does his mama 😉

Anyway, hooray for firsts!  Hope you are having a lovely spring week!

Burned out and another Boston Connection/Plea: Brannock Strong

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Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 3.33.37 PM

Hey everyone.  Before I get started with any other business, I wanted to put out a plea; I recently discovered another connection to the Boston Marathon attack:  a friend of mine, who was actually a student teacher in my class (and a fantastic one) was severely injured at the marathon.  She traveled from  to see her MOTHER (god bless her) run the race, who made it until half a mile from the finish line before being rerouted due to the explosions.  She was with her sister and brother in law and the family was SO excited for this amazing event. Erika was at the finish line and was hurt very badly.  Erika is now a preschool teacher, and is SO devoted to her students.  I fondly remember the time we had together in my classroom, where she lit up the room and exuded pure joy and love for the children.  I have stayed in touch with her and miss her.  My heart breaks for her.  Here is an article from the internet.

Two-year-olds can be touchy about big changes in their lives, and no one knows that better than 29-year-old Erika Brannock. So before the preschool teacher left the Baltimore area to watch her mother run the Boston Marathon, she sent a note to the parents of all her students letting them know she’d be gone for a few days, but would fly back Monday night.

Brannock, who was among those critically injured in the bombings at the Boston race, is like that. She will text parents at 11 p.m. to remind them about a permission slip or tool needed for the next day’s class. She was attuned to the anxieties of working moms, knowing that texting them a picture from the classroom could ease their minds. Even in the hours before the marathon—while on vacation—Brannock emailed one parent to assure her that she would check her child’s backpack pocket for sunscreen as soon as she returned to school.

But like hundreds of others in Boston on Monday, Brannock was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She and her sister Nicole were waiting to greet their mother at the finish line when the bombs went off.

Nicole has broken bones. Brannock’s brother-in-law was severely burned and was treated for lacerations.

But Brannock’s injuries were far more serious: Doctors amputated her left leg below the knee and were tending to severe wounds on her right leg Tuesday. Her mother reported on Facebook that Brannock had undergone two surgeries and had many more to go.

Friends and parents of the children in Brannock’s class knew something was wrong when they didn’t hear from her in the hours after the blast.

On Tuesday, they were setting up a fund to help pay for her medical care, educational and living expenses after her return home.  Brannock was one year from finishing her master’s degree in early childhood education, said Liz Harlan, the former director of the Trinity Episcopal Children’s Center in Towson, Md., where Brannock teaches.

“She had everything in line. She was balancing full-time work and school, and doing everything she could on the side to support families, to babysit, to nanny,” Harlan said. Some of the extra work helped her pay her way through school, Harlan said, “but she would have done it all for free.”

Maureen Van Stone, an attorney specializing in early childhood education whose daughters attend the school, said Brannock has taught there for four years. She was initially hired as a teacher who would float among classes and assist wherever needed, Van Stone said. During that time, Brannock surprised parents by getting to know every one of the more than 135 students and their families. This year, she was thrilled to become a lead teacher of the youngest class, made up of 2-year-olds.

At the start of the school year, Van Stone said she had a lot of anxiety about dropping off her daughter Meg “to some other woman.”

“But I never, ever, ever doubted once that she was going to provide this loving, caring role in Meg’s life,” Van Stone said.  

During one of Van Stone’s recent work trips, Brannock sought to put her at ease by sending a picture of Meg with her best friend after Brannock had styled their hair to look like Princess Leia’s in “Star Wars.” 

“The whole mantra is that teachers are overwhelmed,” Van Stone said. “She would just stop and capture the moment and send it to a working mom” with a message like, “’You’re away. I know it’s hard.” In all her years working in early childhood education, Van Stone said, she had never “encountered anyone like this woman.” 

Harlan hired Brannock to work at a new preschool after observing her skills in the classroom—where she said Brannock instinctively knew when a child needed to nestle into her lap or take a walk down the hall to avoid a meltdown. In those instances, Harlan said, she was “the most nurturing and patient faculty member you could come across.”

“Her ability to pull out and identify the strengths each child has—honestly,  she’s got a gift,” Harlan said. When the new preschool starts in the fall, Harlan added, “she hopefully will be with us.” 

To donate to a fund for Erika, please click HERE.  It is really important, as her life as greatly changed.  She is a wonderful, beautiful kind and loving person.  Again,   You can also buy an awesome t-shirt HERE, all proceeds going to her fund.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 3.33.01 PM


Thank you so much.

Anyway, I have been feeling burned out from running lately (since the half last weekend) and the only times I have wanted to run were for Boston tributes.  I will get back soon, I hope.  Until then, peace, love and all things thankful.

A Morning in the life: Sick baby and Go the F*ck to Sleep

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HI everyone.  So I feel that I have been at a loss for words lately due to recent events, which if you know me, is a rarity 😉  That’s why I’ve been a bit absent word-wise from the blog.  But today, I thought I’d do a “morning in the life of” post, as I love reading other bloggers’ accounts of their days (especially with children). Plus, I’ve been hearing people appreciate my candor on this blog…and this post will have plenty of it.  Here we go:  So Zach had a GI bug that lasted about two weeks.  Yup.  Two awesome LONG weeks.  Tmi, but today is the first day his poop was not green.  Sweet.  GI gone, but not without the appearance of a nasty yeast diaper rash (yes, maybe again tmi, but let’s be real people).  Apparently the virus can “shed itself” (aka nasty poops) for two weeks and that is normal…even three or four.  ARGH imagine diarrhea for four weeks!!? What the?!? Anyway, so he is obviously miserable, especially with this addition of a nasty diaper issue that spread to his mouth. Ill leave the gory details behind, but it does include treatment four times a day (you know, always easy to do oral care on a one year old) and diaper treatment as well. OHHHHH and husband is out of town.  Fun times.  SOOOOOO my mom came last night to spend the night because to be honest, I’ve been stretched thin with this two week shenanigans.  My mom is a godsend. So here is what my morning has looked like, and ill start with the midnight waking of Zachary wanting to eat.  Sweet.  So since he has been sick I’ve been letting him feed on demand because he was becoming dehydrated. Yea, that is going to stop soon.  So midnight feeding.  Back up at 4am to eat.  Sweet again.  His final wakeup for good was 645am.  I called my mom who was sleeping on the couch “meeeeeeemaaaah.”Who angelically took him for an hour, when I passed out again after him eating (again) at about 7. I slept for an hour longer. 8am seemed much more reasonable after a multi-waking evening.

8-9 am:  playing; much book reading (he loves books and songs always but especially when sick)  he is also super clingy

9am: time for morning nap

9:10-10:40- Zach naps, and yes people, I will admit it, I SIGHED WITH RELIEF!  I already needed a break!  My mom leaves.  BOOOOO.  I drink my coffee, breathe, order groceries online and as soon as I turned around he was up again.  MOMS:  PLEASE AGREE WITH ME OR I WILL FEEL LIKE THE WORST PERSON EVER:  does the time when your baby is sleeping not FLYYYY by while some awake moments draaaaag!?! RIGHT!??!? Can I get a “hell yea?!”

10:40-11: Oral care, diaper nonsense, change clothes.  Left for a walk, thought this would help…HAHAHHAH

11-12:  Had to go to Macy’s (had a coupon that I found out at checkout, of course, was not good until Wednesday…sweeet) because none of Zach’s pants fit…might be because they are 6month size. Mhmmmmm.  He wailed in Macy’s until I took him out of the stroller and carted around his 20 lb body while simultaneously pushing the stroller, calming him and…oh yea, looking for pants.

12-1:  We were home, I nursed him right away.  He tried to play some toys, would do so for a few minutes them crawl over to me whining…another book…another song.  Then I gave him some yogurt and sweet potatoes.

1-1:45:  Another field trip as he was getting antsy; this time to whole foods for some dinner items and other randoms.  He was fine until like hallways through shopping. Of course.  I actually think the way he was in his carrier (I ditched the stroller for fear of what happened in Macy’s plus pushing a shopping cart and thought he’d do best if I “wore him”) was hurting his diaper area.  Epic fail.  Came home with him wailing.  Mom of the year.

1:45- time to get ready for nap. More oral care, diaper care, classical music, some slow dancing 🙂 and cuddling. Nursing.

2:00- Zach is down for a nap and I just ran the dishwasher and am awaiting a load of laundry to be dry for some folding action…and typing this post.


-dogs to go on crazy barking sprees

-the dryer to go apesh*t

-the trash truck..

-the the recycling truck

-every neighborhood kid to play outside (and scream non stop…hopefully with delight)

*NOTE: I am NOT complaining (although it sure sounds like I am hehe) just telling it like it is.  Of course not all days are like this, but I’m trying to be real here.

ANYWAY…one of my besties got me this book and I thought it totally applied to this post, or is at least, hilarious 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 2.31.55 PM

Ummmm ps: do NOT google the title of that book and look for images..what theeeeeee?!?!?

Anyway, hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


Community Run For Boston; For Jessica Downes

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I am typing this while glued to the TV in anticipation of the capture of the second perpetrator in the horrible terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  I, myself, have been greatly affected emotionally by this incident, as it hits close to home and makes my heart hurt for all involved.  In fact, there was a Jessica Downes who was severely injured in the attacks and I have had some reach out, inquiring if it was me, in a strange coincidence, her name being Jessica K (maiden name same initial as mine) Downes, a fellow runner.  Both she and her new husband, married in August, lost a leg in the brutal attack.  Here is an article about this lovely young woman. Just heartbreaking. It is so hard to want to help and not know how.  I ordered an Adidas Boston Stands as one shirt, all proceeds going to the One fund.

And Yesterday, in a show of support and solidarity, Philadelphia Runner organized a community run for Boston.  From their site:

Philadelphia Runners Support Boston With Citywide Group Runs. Thursday, April 18th

Join local running groups, running stores, and running friends as we run across Philadelphia on Thursday night to show our support for our friends in Boston. Runs will meet at various locations throughout the city at 7PM. They will then run to City Hall where we will meet in the courtyard at 7:30 and then run together, as a group, down Market Street to Independence Mall (Market between 5th and 6th). From there people will disperse and continue their runs individually or with their group.

All runners and walkers are invited.

I donned a Boston-esque shirt

photo 1

and headed out to run down to City Hall.

photo 5

The scene was powerful, emotional and fitting.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

We then all ran down Market Street to Independence Mall where some more words and chants were heard.  It was a beautiful way to show support for those affected.  WE RUN BECAUSE WE CAN.  Much love.