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How is this for public service blog announcement:  get these pans now.


Seriously.  So I wanted needed to get rid of our old pots and pans.  They were Calphalon but had chips in them, were very worn and therefore not safe for cooking, especially for Zach.  I wanted to get a new set that was easy to cook with and economical.  I also wanted, first and foremost, for them to be safe.  Teflon and Calphalon, when heated to a high temperature, let off chemicals and the non-stick surface can peel off…gross.  Green Pan was highly recommended by Better Homes and Gardens, and I bought a set after MUCH research.  So trust me, get these pans.  They cook amazingly, distributing heat VERY well, and wash off SO easily. The only downside is that they are NOT dishwasher recommended.  From their website:

Our health is the most precious thing we have. GreenPan™ is passionate about healthy cooking. We launched our ceramic coated pans in 2007, and have seen millions of consumers joining the ceramic revolution. GreenPan™ has changed the material which families across the globe cook with, and will continue to invest in healthy technologies.

Healthy cooking is not only about the foods you use: it is also about the right cookware. 

The patented Thermolon™ non-stick technology is heat resistant up to high temperatures. This means that GreenPan™ has an extra safety feature; if you overheat your pan, even up to 450/850, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel.

Nowadays, cooking and eating have become so much more than fulfilling a primal need. We are aware of what we eat and cooking has become really ‘hot’. We make non-stick pans that allow you to prepare great dishes. All the products look great: premium materials in a clever design. But most of all: GreenPan™ performs!

Thermolon™ is a better heat conductor than traditional coatings. This results in superb searing and crispy frying! The excellent heat distribution also allows even cooking, which makes the food brown beautifully. It allows you to mostly cook on low to medium temperatures.

Above all, the Thermolon™ surface provides great non-stick and is very easy to clean.

WHY THEY ARE “Green” (from website):

GreenPan tries to produce products as responsibly as possible.

  • GreenPan™ products are cadmium- and lead-free
  • 60% less CO2 is emitted during the curing phase of production of Thermolon™coatings, compared to the emissions during the curing phase of production of traditional coatings on an aggregate level worldwide 
  • We process used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. Therefore we use upcycled stainless steel for the handles and upcycled aluminium for the cookware bodies.


Anyway, I highly recommend these pans, as I have been using them nonstop for the past week that I have owned them…so does Zach 🙂

IMG_3224PS:  Cute Babies in boxes NEVER get old:


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