A Morning in the life: Sick baby and Go the F*ck to Sleep

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HI everyone.  So I feel that I have been at a loss for words lately due to recent events, which if you know me, is a rarity 😉  That’s why I’ve been a bit absent word-wise from the blog.  But today, I thought I’d do a “morning in the life of” post, as I love reading other bloggers’ accounts of their days (especially with children). Plus, I’ve been hearing people appreciate my candor on this blog…and this post will have plenty of it.  Here we go:  So Zach had a GI bug that lasted about two weeks.  Yup.  Two awesome LONG weeks.  Tmi, but today is the first day his poop was not green.  Sweet.  GI gone, but not without the appearance of a nasty yeast diaper rash (yes, maybe again tmi, but let’s be real people).  Apparently the virus can “shed itself” (aka nasty poops) for two weeks and that is normal…even three or four.  ARGH imagine diarrhea for four weeks!!? What the?!? Anyway, so he is obviously miserable, especially with this addition of a nasty diaper issue that spread to his mouth. Ill leave the gory details behind, but it does include treatment four times a day (you know, always easy to do oral care on a one year old) and diaper treatment as well. OHHHHH and husband is out of town.  Fun times.  SOOOOOO my mom came last night to spend the night because to be honest, I’ve been stretched thin with this two week shenanigans.  My mom is a godsend. So here is what my morning has looked like, and ill start with the midnight waking of Zachary wanting to eat.  Sweet.  So since he has been sick I’ve been letting him feed on demand because he was becoming dehydrated. Yea, that is going to stop soon.  So midnight feeding.  Back up at 4am to eat.  Sweet again.  His final wakeup for good was 645am.  I called my mom who was sleeping on the couch “meeeeeeemaaaah.”Who angelically took him for an hour, when I passed out again after him eating (again) at about 7. I slept for an hour longer. 8am seemed much more reasonable after a multi-waking evening.

8-9 am:  playing; much book reading (he loves books and songs always but especially when sick)  he is also super clingy

9am: time for morning nap

9:10-10:40- Zach naps, and yes people, I will admit it, I SIGHED WITH RELIEF!  I already needed a break!  My mom leaves.  BOOOOO.  I drink my coffee, breathe, order groceries online and as soon as I turned around he was up again.  MOMS:  PLEASE AGREE WITH ME OR I WILL FEEL LIKE THE WORST PERSON EVER:  does the time when your baby is sleeping not FLYYYY by while some awake moments draaaaag!?! RIGHT!??!? Can I get a “hell yea?!”

10:40-11: Oral care, diaper nonsense, change clothes.  Left for a walk, thought this would help…HAHAHHAH

11-12:  Had to go to Macy’s (had a coupon that I found out at checkout, of course, was not good until Wednesday…sweeet) because none of Zach’s pants fit…might be because they are 6month size. Mhmmmmm.  He wailed in Macy’s until I took him out of the stroller and carted around his 20 lb body while simultaneously pushing the stroller, calming him and…oh yea, looking for pants.

12-1:  We were home, I nursed him right away.  He tried to play some toys, would do so for a few minutes them crawl over to me whining…another book…another song.  Then I gave him some yogurt and sweet potatoes.

1-1:45:  Another field trip as he was getting antsy; this time to whole foods for some dinner items and other randoms.  He was fine until like hallways through shopping. Of course.  I actually think the way he was in his carrier (I ditched the stroller for fear of what happened in Macy’s plus pushing a shopping cart and thought he’d do best if I “wore him”) was hurting his diaper area.  Epic fail.  Came home with him wailing.  Mom of the year.

1:45- time to get ready for nap. More oral care, diaper care, classical music, some slow dancing 🙂 and cuddling. Nursing.

2:00- Zach is down for a nap and I just ran the dishwasher and am awaiting a load of laundry to be dry for some folding action…and typing this post.


-dogs to go on crazy barking sprees

-the dryer to go apesh*t

-the trash truck..

-the the recycling truck

-every neighborhood kid to play outside (and scream non stop…hopefully with delight)

*NOTE: I am NOT complaining (although it sure sounds like I am hehe) just telling it like it is.  Of course not all days are like this, but I’m trying to be real here.

ANYWAY…one of my besties got me this book and I thought it totally applied to this post, or is at least, hilarious 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 2.31.55 PM

Ummmm ps: do NOT google the title of that book and look for images..what theeeeeee?!?!?

Anyway, hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


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