A Day of Firsts.


Today was SUCH a fun day, I will admit, the most important reason being that Zachary is FINALLY feeling better and back to his normal giggly lovely self.  YAY!  Boo for sick babies.  Anyway, he had a lot of firsts today!


Making muffins with his friends (and trying them-he loved them!)


Finger painting-so fun but what a mess!  Please note the blue nipple.

finger paint body

Going in the sandbox!  He was a little unsure, but was ok with it minus getting sand in his mouth (finger suckers will have this issue)


Trying peanut butter!

peanut butter

I was SO nervous to try this (if god forbid he was allergic, even though I have no reason to feel he would be as neither myself nor my husband are) but I kept Benadryl near by and went for it. He loved it!  Yay!  So does his mama 😉

Anyway, hooray for firsts!  Hope you are having a lovely spring week!

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