44 Bucks


You guys, seriously, I HAVE to tell you about the BEST way I spent 44 bucks EVER (other than my purchase of my Adidas Boston Strong shirt for the One Fund).  I am still basking in the glory of my little shopping spree. So, I love Old Navy. I have waxed poetic about it before, but haven’t had much shoppy time lately since the birth of my son.  He somehow isn’t as into it as I am?! What whaaaat?!  Anyway, yesterday I had five minutes… literally…to run in there myself and 44 dollars later (YUP!) I walked out with SEVEN amazing spring pieces!  Take a look!  I will preface this with the fact that I did receive 30% off becauase it was “stuff and save” when using your Old Navy credit card (ha, yea that decision to get an Old Navy cc was a financially fantastic one LOL)…

photo 2

Flowered cardigan- $4.70

Light blouse with keys on it- $6.89

Ruched one piece for the post-baby bod-$15.07

photo 3

Cute dress- $5.96

Navy top w crochet overlay- $4.70

Flowery tunic- $5.63

But the BIG ridiculous bargain, is actually this gem below-my favorite purchase of the day for a whopping 61 CENTS!  I kid you not!

photo 4

I am including the receipt for proof!  I wouldn’t believe me either!

photo 5

YUP!  61 cents!  And soooo cute no!?

Anyway, I just HAAAD to share this amazingness with you all 😉  ALSO amazing is this new running skirt from Athleta, my new favorite go-to store for running skirts.  BTW, NOT a bargain like the aforementioned clothing items, but SUPER cute and flattering.

photo 1

I mean, who doesn’t love a high quality bathroom selfie!?

OK, well thanks for listening, and definitely hop over to Old Navy for some bargains!  PS: this post is NOT endorsed by any company, just my personal “professional shopper” opinion 🙂  Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather where  you are!!!

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