Weird stuff people say


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When  I initially began writing this post, it was going in an entirely different direction, but something funny happened the other day so I decided to change the “movement” of this piece 😉  Ha.  So anyway, I imagine we have all been in situations where either we, or someone else, says something and you think to yourself, “SERIOUSLY!??”  Yea, so the other day at music class, I was playing with Zachary, minding my own business, when a Nanny sitting next to us says to me, “Your son, he looks like a girl.”  Silence.  My response…”Um… well, I don’t really think that….uhhhh.”  She continues…” His face…It looks like a girl.”  The lovely lady next to me said “I think he just looks like you.”  OK.  So really!?!?  I mean even if you do think my son looks like a chick, no worries…but you don’t REALLY need to spark up a conversation to tell me such.



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So that’s what this post is really about 😉  I’m not offended that this person had those thoughts, I just think it is an interesting topic:  the Weird ishhhh people say.  And I think we can even take it to another level at this point in our ever-so-advanced-technologically society; where social media prompt MANY unsolicited comments; ones that I doubt would be uttered face-to-face.  And we are all guilty of it; something sneaks out, you catch it, but not it time.  Heck, I totally did it the other day.  I was surprised to find out a person I knew had children.  My response, “Oh you look so young to have kids!”  Hers:  “I am.” DERP.  We all do it. But how do we respond, I think, is the most important component of the discussion.  How do you respond when someone says something funky or how about when YOU are the culprit?

PS: I think the greatest development in my (cutely) pathetic dog’s life is Zach’s new adventures with food.  Note the lurker in the background LOL!

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9 thoughts on “Weird stuff people say

  1. With babies, I think either sex can look like the other sex. My boy, especially before I cut his hair, if you would have put a bow in it, he would have looked like a girl. He still could if you dressed in him the pink… but I do “love” it when you have dressed your boy in blue and people still go “um, so is that a girl??” It probably has always been this way but I think people do lack a bit of a filter in regards to what they say out loud!

    • TOTALLY true. I am not planning on cutting Zach’s hair for a while either 😉 Ha! And you’re right, he totally had on like blue plaid! But yea, boy and girl babies certainly look alike and i wasn’t offended at all, just a definitely funny story to share and topic to discuss!

  2. Hi there! Found you through SR 🙂 And yes, I’m usually the one who says horribly awkward things to strangers. I love chatting with people but am TERRIBLE at small talk. So I inevitably end up with my foot in my mouth several times each week.

  3. My daughter and son look exactly the same. Same face. It is creepy. They look like me as a baby. I’m not worried. People say crazy things though. He is handsome, if you ask me! 🙂

  4. I’m also terrible at small talk so when someone just says something stupid about my daughter I either give them, the stare down look of….really, those words just came out of your mouth or I just walk away.

    • Ha! Yea, small talk is hard for some. As you know I could talk to a wall so I am ok with it 🙂 I wish I could master a good “stare down look.” Wanna teach me?! 🙂

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