And then I forgot to pick up my race packet. So let’s talk about sleep.

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Guys!!! I completely forgot to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s march of dimes run for babies 10k! I never do that stuff! The day just slipped away from me. And today we are going out of town to visit my grandma so I’m unable to pick it up today. Thank heavens for an amazing buddy who is going to grab it for me. Argh! Anyway, for tomorrow’s 10k I’m really hoping to pull a pr but who knows. Conditions will be great: good weather, flat-as-a-pancake course (art museum down mlk boulevard), day before rest. But who knows. All runners are aware that you should expect the unexpected 😉 so at my last 10k (run for colon cancer) I pr’d at 54:17. BUT there was a ginormous hill and the course had varied terrain in general. Oh and it was 33 degrees. So I’m excited to see what tomorrow holds. I’ll keep you posted of course. Aaaaannyway, lets talk about sleep. How is this related to me forgetting to pick up my packet? Well before I could blame it on sleep deprivation, but I have to say (knock on wood, preferably the baby crib lol) we’ve been making some good strides in the sleep area. Up until a week ago, I’ve been dream feeding zach (taking him out of him crib and nursing him while he is half asleep before I go to sleep so I get a stretch of sleep from when I go to sleep rather than from when he goes to sleep). Then he would wake up at least once to feed during the night, twice if it was a bad one. I decided when he turned one that the dream feed needed to go. For one, I was basically teaching him to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Secondly, it was becoming a bit burdensome as it dictated when I could go to bed (I couldn’t go to bed Early because the dream feed wouldn’t make sense) and sometimes I just want to go to bed, no passing go, no collecting. 200 dollars, you know!? I’d be soooo tired, teeth brushed, flossed, contacts out, etc. and then have to go feed the baby. So I just dropped the dream feed. Nothing ceremonious and no tapering. A clean drop. And it has worked super well thus far! He is getting up only once now to eat, between 4 and 5, which is amazing as he is getting an 8-9 our stretch. Can’t ask more than that!!! So I hope this continues. I’ll keep you posted! Tell me: if you have a baby, what’s the sleep situation like? If not, tell me about a recent blunder you made (like forgetting to pick up your race packet derp!).


One thought on “And then I forgot to pick up my race packet. So let’s talk about sleep.

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