Odd ball…I mean number. And what I wear to race.

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OK, so first off, do you like my new hat?  I got it specifically for a weekend wedding on Martha’s Vineyard (never been but super stoked to go) with many events and dresses warranting a straw fedora 😉  Or do I look ridiculous?  Or like an oddball?

photo 2

Speaking of oddball, one crazy thing about me is that I am super superstitious.  For one, I feel MUCH more confident about a race when my bib number is odd.  Yup. So, for tomorrow I am 59.  Yay!

photo 4

Secondly, regarding superstitions with races, I lay out my things in a VERY meticulous way the night before.  And am SUPER weird anal about it.

First, I lay out my clothing.  Here is a list of what I (typically) wear for a race:


-Sneakers:  Brooks Ghost for longer than 10k distances, (my feet tend to swell or something weird at longer distances and the wider toe box of the Ghost accommodate best for this) and Brooks Adrenaline or Mizuno Wave Riders if shorter than 10k (they are lighter and more flexible, which my shin can handle for only shorter distances and tend to be faster). By the way, the new Wave Riders look amazing; I might have to try 🙂

-Compression socks (Zensah or Procompression) depending on outfit color 😉

-Running Skirt; I always race in skirts, it makes me feel special 🙂  I especially dig the Athleta ones.

-Top:: varies with temperature, race type/cause, etc.

-Two sports bras (varied brands).  Need I say more 🙂

My other gear:

photo 4

From the More Fitness Half

-Garmin (fully charged)

-ifitness belt (one side holds my iphone perfectly, which I use to listen to music, other side for Fuel, if necessary, gum, a bandaid and my keys

-Bib (with safety pins attached to each corner, ready to be attached the next morning)

Headphones on top

-Throw away shirt (if needed)

Anyway, tell me: How do you prepare for a race?  Do you have any weird superstitions regarding running or anything at all?

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