Red Socks.

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Hi friends!  Seriously sorry I’ve still been down for the count since Sunday!  Argh.  Dehydration.  I HAVE to fix this for next race.  Unfortunately, my next race is Sunday, Broad Street, the PINNACLE of my racing season, the one I REALLY wanted to RACE, to speed, to beat, to pound…to only not know if I can run it this year.  My friends, I really busted myself up these last two races and still am not 100%. I am completely concerned that I will end up on my a$$ again, back to square one or even worse.  Here is what I think might be happening, as I alluded to before.

-Not hydrated enough prior to the race.  I am a busy mom who frankly forgets to drink water…and coffee is needed more…but also SUPER dehydrating

-NOt eating enough prior- so I am eating up all of my glycogen stores during races- I dont really carbo load before races, which I should, and i dont eat prior to running- I worry it will mess with my stomach. BOth are probably contributing to my post-race bonking.

-Not refueling post-race- I usually want a….you guessed it, coffee post-race, and I indulge and often don’t eat right away; not hungry and running around after a little one, again a sure-fire way to bonk post-race big time

-Not drinking enough during races- at home when training, I will drink at least a liter of water during my long runs because I am at home on a treadmill and I can.  Not at races. So I am going to have to start wearing a Camelbak or belt with bottles of G2 or water.

AAANWAY, I will keep you posted on the status of my race.  So it seems everyone is going to be wearing RED SOCKS to the race in honor of Boston.  I, myself, had planned on wearing my new Boston Adidas shirt…

photo 1

Blue Running skirt, and neon yellow Zensah compression socks.  And to be honest, I can’t really afford another pair of compression socks; those babies are NOT cheap!  So, I hope that my own form of tribute to Boston will be fitting (and that I won’t get beat up; Philly folks can be rough :)).  What do you guys think?!  

So, here is some Zach sweetness to end your day/my post:

photo 3

photo 2

UMMM can you handle the cuteness?! Save the snack for later, Zach 😉 Note the snack in his pocket lol

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