I thought I’d make baby food…and other myths.


Hi everyone!  So I did a post similar to this one when Zach was younger.  Now that he is a little older, I thought I’d do another. By the way, this is the stuff I think about when lying in bed before I fall asleep at night 😉 hehe.

-I DID think I would make ALL of Zach’s baby food. HAHAHA He had other plans.  Seriously, the kid would NOT eat my purees!  I even threw a little magic milk (breast milk) in there.  All the girls in my mommy group said “go to Whole Foods and buy Earth’s Best puree and see if he will eat it.”  “Pish,” I thought. “He just isn’t yet ready for solids.”  HAHA polished the ENTIRE jar off.  Nice, Zachy.  Earth’s Best it is (and has been).  On the contrary, though, I do plan on giving it another go.  I recently saw this post by Fitnessista:  One Month of Baby Food, one hour, 2o dollars and will be getting on that asap.

– I thought I would stop breast feeding by a year.  Still going…strong.  Truly.

– I thought I would loosen up as time went on. HAHHAHAHAH laughing out loud.  For real.  I mean, don’t I know who I am?! TYPE A, girl!  Not going anywhere.

– I thought I would be (long) back to work by now. The plan was that I would (have gone) go back this past fall (September 2012).  I wrote a post about Stay-at-home-moms vs working moms here and my “confessions of a new stay-at-home-mom” here.  So, my thoughts definitely waiver day-to-day on the topic 😉 but overall I am SOOO unbelievably thankful to be able to stay home with my son.  Do I miss working some days?  ABSOLUTELY.  But am I extremely happy that I chose to stay home for now?  For sure.  I do so for many reasons (I can do a post on this later) and truly thank my lucky stars every day that I can.

– Along with the above “bullet point,” I thought staying at home would be easy (haha) and relaxing.  Yes, I am known to over-schedule (again, for another post), but in reality, there are very few days that Zach and I have with NO planned activities.  It is definitely a lot sometimes, but the idea of not having this is also daunting.  Maybe I need to search for a better balance?

– I thought I would never be the one with “sweet potato caked into my hair, banana mashed into my pants and finger paint on my purse.”  Boy was I wrong.

– I thought I would have a ton of mommy friends.  And that we would all get together for picnics in a circle at the park.  Hehe. Really.  You know the things you daydream.  I have gained a few GOOD mommy friends, and that has turned out to be just lovely.

– I thought I’d find other things to talk about…but alas, it is ALWAYS my son 😉

– I thought I would slowly become less enamored with being a mom…specifically Zach’s mom.  But no, each day I fall more and more in love with him and with being his mom. Corny but true.

Cuteness of the day (from yesterday when I took him to the park for his one year pictures:

photo 1

2 thoughts on “I thought I’d make baby food…and other myths.

  1. I agree with most this post. I work so even though I had high hopes of creating food, nope, to store bought ones instead. He’s now interested in picking up food so I am starting to do more ‘off my plate’ kind of food.
    – I am so a type A controlling lady and overtime I thought I would loosen up on my nanny – nope, today she wanted to go on a stroller walk and I was like “limit to XX minutes to preserve nap time” and even then I was still having a mini panic attack…
    – I too thought I’d have more mommy friends and more play dates. It took over a month to schedule the last one… Ah well…

    • SO FUNNY I am in the process of writing a post RIGHT now (to be live tonight) about type A! If you search type a on my blog you will see some other of my “type a posts.” Stay tuned!

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