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Red socks?!  Got ’em!

Husband got them for me as a surprise, what a guy!  So here is the status of my race:  I am going to TRY to run Broad Street tomorrow.  BUT in light of my recent health issues, I am going to be TAKING IT EASY, not attempting to PR and doing some things differently:

1.  I bought a Nathan hydration belt that is  One bottle I have filled (and refrigerated) with water, and one with G2.  I will run with it and drink BOTH bottles DURING THE RACE

2.  BEFORE the race, I WILL eat something so that I don’t bonk.  I will try pb on half a bagel. YUM!  This will lead me to…

3.  DRINK WATER before the race.

4.  DRINK A TON THE DAY BEORE. I have consumed about 2.5 liters of water today. WOW, was just googling how many ounces are in a liter.  The recommended water intake is 64 ounces (8/8oz cups), about TWO LITERS!  I will prob drink half a liter more before I go to bed.

5. I carbo-loaded today (thanks to bagels today)!

So, hopefully all of the aforementioned things will help me have a successful race, which for tomorrow, to me means to simply finish. I did NOT run this week, save for two miles yesterday in an attempt to try out the hydration belt.  The last run I had was last week’s race, and then last Friday a long run of 9. So, I probably lost a bit of fitness, but I am truly doing the race tomorrow for the experience, the joy…and FOR BOSTON.

photo 4

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