PINK POLKA DOTS: A Baby Sprinkle

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HIIIII!  So, last weekend I threw a baby sprinkle for a lovely friend who is expecting her third child, a girl!  She has two other amazing kids (boys) and is super excited to get her girly on!  I was STOKED to throw her a sprinkle, which, I feel should be pronounced “Spraaaankle” and it is very southern 😉  hehe.  SO, the set the theme as “pink polka dots” as this is near and dear to the guest of honor’s heart.  Here are a few pics from the party and some polka dotty ideas!  Enjoy!  (You KNOW I love me a good theme!)

photo 1

Baby clothes line: ALWAYS a good decor addition to a baby shower.  THEN you gift the guest of honor the fun little onesies!  Creative, cute and easy!  I used diaper pins to attach the onesies. I aways like to have a feature item decoration over the fireplace.  At Zach’s birthday party, I did a homemade name bunting:


Speaking of bunting, I made one for the guest of honor for downstairs in the “food area.”

photo 4

When I throw my parties, I generally do the food/drinks downstairs and chilling/relazing upstairs. I try to disperse decorations between the both floors.

photo 5


These are super easy to make and can be adapted to any theme.  I LOVE incorporating vases into my decor. I have a ton sitting around the house and you can do super creative things with them. For these, I used pink polka dot tissue paper and crumpled it within the vase.  Then I made a big tissue paper flower and positioned it to come out of the vase.  Cute, no?!  Around the vase are baby feet candy 🙂 CUTE!!

photo 3


The drink/dessert table featuring ALL pink drinks 😉 including pink grapefruit drink mimosas.  The cupcakes were a favor as the party ended at noon (a bit early for cupcakes…maybe) and many of the guests had little ones at home that would enjoy a cupcake.  Up close of the cupcakes:

photo 2

Polka dot cupcakes; those are pink mints (had to pick them out of the other pastel colored ones hehe).  Fun favor when put into the polka dot take out containers shown above.

photo 2

View of the table.  Note the hanging polka dot lanterns.  Menu:

Monkey bread (duh; this seems to happily grace the table of most of my events lately)

Bacon and cheddar quiche

Mushroom spinach and cheddar quiche


Yogurt parfaits

Banana muffins (a friend made and brought these)


ANYWAY, all in all it was a great event!  Much love was shared 😉  PLEASE email me if you EVER need help with an event (themed or not). It is one of my FAVORITE things to do!  I am so happy that I was able to sprinkle such a good friend with so much love 🙂

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