Blackened Fish

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Hi everyone!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!


So, I wanted to post a quick “how-to” for making the blackened fish that I use at least once a week in my meal plan;) It is SUPER easy (and a recipe any mom would love!).  You can use any type of fish; I use salmon when I want a strong fish taste with a meaty consistency or tilapia when I want a lighter fish.  Both are equally good.  So, here is how you do it.  Seriously SOOOO easy!  Along with your fish fillets, you will only need butter (I use Whole Foods’ garlic and herb butter) and blackening seasoning (I like Whole Foods’ one as well).

photo 2

Melt some butter in a pan, heat on medium high.  Ad your fillets when the butter is melted.

photo 1

Look to see when the fish has cooked 3/4 of the way (the tilapia turns white from pink and the salmon,which generally takes longer to cook will darken).  The thicker the fish, the longer it will take to cook.  In fact, I position my fillets so that the thicker surfaces are toward the middle of the pan (to get the most heat so to cook evenly).  When it has cooked “3/4 of the way,” sprinkle your blackening seasoning generously on top of the fillets.

photo 3

Then, flip the fillets so that the other side cooks.  It will take significantly less time than the first side as they are already 3/4 of the way cooked.  I like to cook mine as long as possible on the first side as I am paranoid about undercooking things.  Once you sprinkle the blackening seasoning on, it is hard to see/gauge how cooked they are.

photo 4

Then, sprinkle more blackening seasoning on this side.  When you feel the fillets are sufficiently cooked, flip again (to douse the other side in the remaining butter, of course!).  Then, remove from pan and serve!  I like to eat mine with green beans and cous cous. YUM!  So delicious and easy!  Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

photo 5

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