To All the Nay-sayers


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So, on this lovely Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a post about Zach’s sleep.  Why, might you ask?!  Because I am WELL RESTED and able to enjoy the day!  Hahha.  Really though, I wanted to write a post about Zachary’s sleep because like many moms, for me, it has always been an issue.  And I don’t even think we ever had it that bad.  It wasn’t that I was unwilling to try “cry it out” or other “sleep training techniques, but I TRULY felt Zach was hungry and needed to eat at least once during the night. Yes, it was/is hard on me, and yes sometimes once a night lead to twice (or even three times in the earlier months) a night, but I just KNEW Zachary would NOT be still waking up in the middle of the night to eat when he was going off to college 😉  Hehe.  In all seriousness, I felt it was developmental and that he would “sleep through the night” in his own time.  Now understand, I stay at home with him during the day, so I don’t know how I would have felt/dealt with the situation if I had to work in the morning.  Anyway, at first, I defined STTN (ha, there is even an acronym for it) as being 7 hours.  So Zach would go to bed around 7 and inevitably wake up around 2 to eat. He would then, if I was lucky, go back to sleep until about 630 or 7.  Gradually, he has moved to a new (LOVELY) schedule, which I feel is partly due to his solids intake.  In the beginning of the “solids journey” with Zach, he wasn’t all about it.  He just didn’t eat that much or that  many different things.  Now, he still has a limited palate but eats a good amount.  He also LOVES peanut butter and I feed it to him A LOT because it is one of the things he WILL eat, and it has “sticking power” (I think it fills him up for a long time).  So his new night time sleeping is like this:  he goes to bed between 7 and 730 (based on his last nap; see schedule below) and will get up around 5 to eat (10 HOURS!!!) OR 6 (11 hours!!!!) then go back to sleep until 6:45 or 7.  WOOOOT!  Knock on wood, RIGHT!?  SO, the nay sayers… MANY people have asserted that Zachary would NEVER sleep through the night because I let him eat in the middle of the night and that if I didn’t stop doing this, I was “training him” improperly.  First off, I didn’t think he would NEVER sleep through the night, I mean what a funny statement!  Secondly, I THINK ALL CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT.  Each child is merely a small version of us humans; different from the next.  Just like the books can recommend what to do and what not to do,  there simply is no right or wrong answer.  Moms need to support one another, possibly offer suggestions, but realize that all kids and situations are different!

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With that being said, Zachary’s current eating/napping schedule is somewhat like this:

7pm BATH


5-6am WAKE TO NURSE (awake for about 5-10 minutes only, thank Heaven!)

645-7am UP FOR THE DAY!


7:45  BREAKFAST (small meal: yogurt or some pb on mum mum crackers)

8-9am PLAY!

9am NURSE, go down for nap

915am-1045am NAP #1(Thank God he is still on two naps, knock on wood!)

11am-2pm Snack when he wakes up (banana or cheese) PLAY or ATTEND a CLASS

*12:30 LUNCH (fruit slice, or some grapes, a veggie puree, etc.)

2pm  NURSE and go down for nap

215-345 or 4pm  NAP #2

4pm Snack (fruit, yogie bites, etc.)

4-6pm PLAY!  PARK TIME, sometimes GROCERY SHOP!

6pm DINNER (hummus and carrots, veggie puree, more pb and crackers, etc.)

630-700 Pre bedtime play, always ends on the bed with Zach flinging himself into the pillows.  HILARIOUS.

Anyway, that is just our (current) schedule. Heaven knows it can change at any moment (and kill my type A personality lol).  Hope you enjoyed your day!

PS:  Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who made me everything I am and who supports everything I will become 🙂  I am proud to call you my mom, and prouder to call you my best friend.  I love you.


2 thoughts on “To All the Nay-sayers

  1. I agree! I still night feed my kid, sure I don’t ‘need’ too but I think his stomach is too small to be going so long without any food in it. I do work, so you would think all the night feeds bug me, but they don’t (yet anyways) as it gives me that much more time to feel I’m his provider. He is 11 months so he should sleep longer stretches, but slowly we are getting there, the longest yet is 5 hours, but seriously about 6 weeks ago it was almost every two hours…. Just like you, he will get there when he does. I’m in no real hurry.

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