A lovely weekend

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*NOTE:  Sorry, this was supposed to post yesterday!

Hi everyone!  I am still thinking about my weekend; it was soooo lovely, so I just wanted to share some of the highlights 🙂  On Friday, I had a lovely long run during Zachy’s nap (8 miler) during which I felt fantastic and watched some amazing Scandal.  LOVE by the way.  Then, I was treated to a fantastic massage (at home) by the Lovely Nicky from Hands at Home. She is aaaaamazing.  Seriously, call this girl now.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.26.21 PM

Then, Saturday morning, I FINALLY graduated with my Masters In Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  Let me explain. I literally finished my coursework a few years ago and truly delayed the writing of my 40+ page thesis.  You know, life got in the way…baby….etc.  But, I GOT IT DONE!  Woot!  SUPER excited about that.  It was a long time coming.


Dad upsanddownes and me

Dad upsanddownes and me

Mom upsanddownes and me

Mom upsanddownes and me

After graduation, we met up with a ton of family who I do not get to often see as they live out of town. It was FANTASTIC to see them and to see the kids (cousins) playing together.  SO CUTE.





Also, the restaurant (one of my faves) Supper, had a CEREAL BUFFET: all you can eat YUMMY cereals (think: Alphabets, Frosted Flakes, Life, etc.).  AMAZE!  Anyway, then we all went to the park for some more play time 🙂


THEN, Sunday was a fantastic Mother’s Day.  We had brunch at Mema’s (my mom’s house) with loads of my family and FABULOUS food (including my famous Monkey Bread duh).  It was truly a great day.

I also got to take a lovely outdoor run during Zach’s pm nap.  He napped at my mom’s and I ran to the nearby track with plans of doing speed work, but high winds, a full belly, and a tad bit of laziness got in the way 😉  I just wasn’t feeling it, so I took a fun, slow 6 mile run.  LOVELY day all in all.  Still basking in the greatness of it.  I hope you all had an equally awesome weekend…now if this winter weather would just realize it is MAY!

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