Running and Lofty Goals

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Shirt says Live Love Run Half Marathons :)

Shirt says Live Love Run Half Marathons 🙂

Hi!!! Long time no write! I have missed you all!  So I am going to take a break from Mommy blogging  (it has been a rough few teething days) to talk about my second favorite topic: running.  Warning: if you don’t care about my running or aren’t interested in a rambling post, read no further, I’ll be back soon with something more up your alley.  ANYWAY, so at the end of last month I took TWO WEEKS off from running due to a horribly painful and debilitating case of mastitis (yes, Z is still breastfeeding but that is for another post).  Anyway, the week after those two marked the beginning of my half Mary training.

Different scenery: running in Wildwood, NJ on the sea wall...gorgeous views

Different scenery: running in Wildwood, NJ on the sea wall…gorgeous views

As I have mentioned before, I signed up to run the Philly Rock N Roll Half September 15 and am SUUUPER stoked.  I have always wanted to run a Rock n Roll race, and as I’ve also mentioned before, I love “running my city.”  So, this left me with twelve weeks to train which was perfect, even though I was started from a lower fitness level that I had held prior to getting sick, but I knew it would work out well because I hadn’t lost ALL of my running fitness.  In terms of “training plans” I am very loose with them, due to having a baby and therefore an unpredictable schedule.  Basically, I look at what I’d like to get done each week, make a rough sketch that includes one day off (always following my long run) and one cross train day (usually preceding my long run) and then four more runs varying in intensity (hills/speed/tempo/easy) and length.  Those four runs are typically 4-7 miles.  A typical week schedule looks like this:

Day 1: 7 miles tempo

Day 2: 4 miles hill training

Day 3: 6 miles easy

Day 4: 5 miles speed

Day 5: Cross train

Day 6: Long Run

Day 7: Off

Over the twelve weeks, my long runs were planned as follows: 7, 7, 8(.5), 9, 10, 10, 11, 11, 12, 12, 10, RACE!

photo 2

So, I am really excited.  And as much as  I would like to say I don’t have a goal, I do.  This will be my last half for a while, I want to “go out with a bang.”  For the last half (Central Park More Fitness Half) , my goal was to break 2, a pr, and I did (by a HAIR) but that race was HARD!  TWO times through the hilly (to me) Central Park loop!  My pace was 9:08.  I’d like to knock off some time from that.  at LEAST 8 seconds per mile.  My goal was also derived from my Broad Street time.  I had an 8:44 pace for a ten miler, and while the course is VERY easy (down hill) and shorter (by 3.1 miles), I think I can come close to my Broad Street Pace.  CLOSE.  I’d like to try for 8:55s.  That would land me a 1:56:49.  I use this pace calculator, great tools here).   So, I would say my goal is to break 1:57.  Lofty, but I’m going for it 🙂  Anyway, tell me about your recent fitness endeavors!

My inspiration

My inspiration

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