Zach Talks: Month 15+

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“Your blog is like a diary, you can look back and see pictures and accounts of everything that has gone on since you started blogging.”  Someone said that to me today.  Good point, girlfriend.  So, I wanted to use this post to chronicle Zach’s speech so far, so that I (and he) can look back on it someday 🙂  I will start by saying that I think Zach is pretty verbal.  He is soooo cute too 😉  Here is his current repertoire of words (he will be 16 months on the 11th):




Kee= cookie, key, cookie monster

Na= banana

Peepee= just that 😉

Bee= big bird, boobie (yup)

MMMaaaaa= mema

Deedee= TV

Abby= Abby from Sesame

Addie= any dog (our one dog is Addie, the other is Oscar, known also as Addie to Zach)


A-yaya= Aunt Sara

Yaya= Shiya (our neighbor)

Baby= baby

Pum= plum

Hot= hot or any other distasteful feeling

Bum= ball

Brrrrrreee= blueberries (or cherries, he rolls his r)

Don= down

I-E= ice cream

Gahk= guacamole

Meemama= ?

Anyway, here is a video of Z showing some of his Sesame Street words 🙂



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