A Game Changer

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Guys, I made a move that has SERIOUSLY been a game changer in both Zach’s and my life.  OK, sounds serious, but it isn’t really…just to me.  So, as I have mentioned before, Z suffers from separation anxiety at times. I mean, I get it: these are developmental phases, he is with me 90% of the time, etc.  But he is a social kid and I wanted to find something that would help both him and I wish his separation anxiety.  I was also finding that there was a shortage of time in the day for me to get done what I needed to.  Think:  laundry, clean bathrooms, clean floors, prep dinner, etc.  Z is still on two naps. One hour each.  During the first one, I work.  During the second I run.  Enter the best decision EVER (credit given to a mommy friend): GYM WITH CHILDCARE!!!!  I scored a MAJORAH deal (professor discount) at Philadelphia Sports Club which is four blocks away, 30 bucks a month and has an amaaaaazing childcare program.  I took Zach on Tuesday for an hour and he loooooved it. It was AMAAAAZING.  They take your cell number in case something is wrong, the room is mirrored (which he loves) with tons of toys, the cost is cheap (5 dollars for an hour or 30 dollars a month for unlimited; the GM comped by childcare for the rest of August yippee!), and the hours are great for our schedule:: daily 9-1 and Mon/Wed pm 4-7.  And the best part:  during his nap I did FOUR loads of laundry, cleaned the floor, put groceries away AND ate lunch!  FOR THE WIN!!!!!

Footnote:  funny, I wrote this post Tuesday, but when I went back to the gym Thursday, Zachy was singing a much different tune about babysitting. He was upset the whole time,  Bummer.  We will try again next week 🙂

Does your gym provide childcare?

On another note, I had a “track workout this week”



along with hill training on the treadmill.

So even though this week was a “stepback week” (26 miles total; actually not too low in terms of mileage; most of it was my 11-miler long run today) I feel like it was a good variety week.  So yay for that!

How was your week of workouts?!

One thought on “A Game Changer

  1. My younger daughter had wicked separation anxiety that peaked when she was around 14 months. It was terrible and I thought it’d never end. But it did. I enlisted the help of a sweet woman who became her “person” in the church nursery and another kind worker who took her everytime I dropped her off in the gym child watch. I felt so much better knowing there was someone willing to help us get through it. There were tears for awhile but with consistency she now LOVES going to both places. Hang in there!

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