Toy Vomit

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Listen, I KNOW you Mommies and even non-Mommies out there can relate to this. You have a lovely,clean, organized home…and then you have a baby.  If you aren’t a Mommy, I am SURE you’ve seen this happen to friends/relatives.  Anyway, I have often used the quote “having a baby is like having a blender without the lid on.”  Truth.  Well, guys,I got tired of it.  I just COULD NOT stand to look at any more “toy vomit” day after day.  Toy vomit, you know what I mean, is defined by your house looking as if it has literally vomited toys.  Got it?  So, one trip to IKEA later and a little trash-pick (don’t judge) … PROBLEM SOLVED!

photo 1

Five dollar bin from IKEA:

photo 5

50 dollar wicker toy bin from IKEA (huge and doesn’t hurt Z’s fingers when the lid drops on it):

photo 4

Ahhhhh much better! Now onto Zach’s room.  He is becoming SUCH a big boy, and I will admit, his room is starting to look a bit more like a big boy room too much in thanks to my amazing trash pick (the truck with drawers in the corner with the book bin on top)!  Don’t worry; it was a neighbor’s who I know 🙂

photo 3

My little helper:

photo 2

Seriously though, these simple organization moves REALLY helped by type A.  It was SO hard for me to see “toy vomit” all over the place! Now everything has a place!  (Yup, my type A LOVES that too).  Zach also likes me to sing the “clean up song” while we throw everything back in the bins.  Cleanup takes less than three minutes!  Score!

One thought on “Toy Vomit

  1. You are completely correct. Once you have a baby, things change! Keeping a clean and neat house can seem impossible sometimes. Getting things to organize the toys and clothes is a great idea. Love the idea of the clean up song. Thanks for the post.

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