Yesterday was a day of firsts…

Zach’s FIRST trip to the dentist.

Cuddles before the main event

Cuddles before the main event

I was a bit skeptical being that he only has 4 teeth so far, but many people were saying it is good to go early so that your child gets used to the dentist putting their fingers in his/her mouth.  And let’s face it, anyone who knows me knows I am just terribly a tad crazy about teeth.  He did a really good job!  We went to Dr. George over at Cobblestone kids and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was great with Zach as was the hygienist.  Dr. George counted his teeth and looked around his mouth, telling us that his back molars are coming in (yippee for teething).  I was a bit concerned with Zach’s “thick frenum” (the gum between the front teeth) and potential problem this could cause, both superficial and clinical.  Dr. George said that while it is on the larger size, nothing needs to be done and we will just watch as his grown up teeth could very well cover it.  He was very happy we brought Z so early and so am I.  We will bring him back in 6 months.  Yay for dental health!  PS: they gave us samples of these great teeth wipes for your little one that have xylitol, a natural antibacterial ingredient.

photo 2My first time running a “long run” (longer than 6 miles) entirely at 6.3!!!!  Woot!  I am finally feeling strong in my training toward the Sep 15 Rock N Roll Half!

photo 4

Zach’s first major meltdown in public (which I did not handle properly):

So, another first, I was at Philadelphia Runner trying to buy another pair of my Brooks Ghost, a first being that I have NEVER bought repeat running shoes, but have FINALLY found what works!  Yay! Mind you, I don’t do many errands at this point in Z’s life.  He really does best when he can run, play and do Zach-centered things.  I just needed to run in, get my shoes and leave!  Well he had a MAJOR meltdown.  HE was pulling EVERYTHING off the shelves, running around with 10 packs of Clif shot books yelling “KEEEEE KEEEEE!”  (his word for cookie) and was PIIIIISED when I wouldn’t let him have one.  Yup, it was quite the scene.  And me being mom of the year, I just continued on with my purchased picked him up while he continued to bawl his eyes out because I wouldn’t let him have pure glucose, apologized profusely and got the heck out of there as fast as possible.  Now mind you, Zach has had major melt downs (terrible twos?! ha!) just not so…  Quite a treat.  But he is still stinkin’ cute though, no?

photo 3

Zach’s first trip(s) [there were many] down the slide!  This one is a bit of a cheat since it first happened last week, but nonetheless fits into this “firsts” post.

photo 5

It is SOOOO cute.  He knows to go down backward on his belly.  Love love love that boy.

OK, so a lot of firsts.  And it just makes me realize how fast time is FLYING by. OH boy…I lament it going so quickly but am at the happiest place in my life since that baby boy came around 😉

And finally…an update on Zach’s words (I had previously posted about his words here)… 16+ months:

Ah= eye

tato= potato

Tateee= his favorite song, taa tee taa tee

Cahn= his baby friend Quinn

Gah!= Jack, his baby friend

Kuhn= (Uncle) Kevin

Pa= water (???? I know…)

Na Na Na= no no no

Bobby= Bad Boy

Tun= tunnel

Bobby Bobby= Brown Bear

OK, so I hope you all are well!

2 thoughts on “Firsts.

  1. You did exactly what I would have done in a meltdown situation. I hate it when parents give in to a kid when they are screaming for something they don’t actually need. I think you did a good job not giving in to a tantrum. You got what you were there for and got the heck out. Good job. I also LOVE Brooks Ghosts. I just bought some Mizunos that I like but I will be going back to my Ghosts the next time I need new shoes. I wish I could justify them now!

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