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Alright, let’s face it…training for a half marathon(or any sort of fitness) requires SERIOUS motivation…and a LOT of dry shampoo ūüėČ ¬†Truly, though, here are some ways that I motivate myself. ¬†Today I had a 12 miler on the plan and was nervous.


It was the farthest distance I have run since my half on April 14.  It required a lot of motivation.  Anyway, here are some tips:

1.  New gear!  A few days ago I got the new Brooks Ghosts!  Yay!

photo 2

I am rotating between these and my old pink ones (was getting a little tired of pink) and need to wear these for runs longer than 8.

photo 2

My toes do this horrible/weird thing: my feet must swell late in my run and one by one, starting with my piggie toe, they become numb mile-by-mile! ¬†Argh. ¬†So, ¬†the Brooks Ghost have a wider toe box which usually helps with this.¬†Making matters worse, you know that I wear compression socks when I run to ward off shin splints/stress fractures and these complicate the “my toes are suffocating” issue. ¬†I got these newbies when I bought my new shoes (had a gift card to Philadelphia Runner from the hubs; he knows me well). ¬†In the past I have worn Zensah



and Pro Compression.

photo 4

The ones I got the other day are CEP.

photo 1

All three are great but have their pros and cons. ¬†The Zensah have great compression but the sock part (near the toe) are just too thick and contribute to toe suffocation. ¬†The Procompression are more comfy on my toes but the compression isn’t quite as good. ¬†Not bad but not quite as good. ¬†CEP are probably the best as they alleviate the problems of both Procompression and Zensah.¬† ¬†Wow, that was long for one tip! ¬†OK, moving on…

2. ¬†Good music, or for me, TV! My sister turned me on to (I know, don’t judge) Drop Dead Diva after finding out that I like The Client List (again don’t judge). These are my “treadmill shows” in that they allow me to “zone out.”

photo 4

3. ¬†Good fuel- I like to psych myself by saying “ok, at mile X you can eat a shot blok (as you see in the above picture). ¬†I actually LOOOOVE Clif Shot Bloks I think because they remind me of my beloved gummy candies. ¬†Experts suggest that for runs longer than an hour, begin fueling at 30 minutes, then every 15 minutes after. ¬†(Source)¬† I tend to fuel based on how I feel, how much MOTIVATION I need, and the last time I ate before I ran.

4.  Treat yourself after.  For me, after a long run, I like to treat myself to a blow out.  Seriously.  Today, I did JUST that.  Mind you the darn escalator was broken (not what my legs wanted to hear after a 12-miler).

photo 5

But in all seriousness, be it your next meal, a new piece of gear, a massage, a shopping trip, or an ice cream cone, I think treating yourself is a GREAT form of motivation!

5. BREAK IT UP! ¬†I always break my runs up into smaller ones, particularly my long runs. ¬†For instance, today when I set out (FIRST MILE IS ALWAYS THE WORST), I decided to break the 12 into 4 small runs (MENTALLY). ¬†4×3. ¬†BUT then when I got to mile 4, I upped the anti to 3 smaller runs (3×4). ¬†And when I was halfway done, two 6-milers.

6.  Think AFTER.

How will you FEEL (accomplished, relaxed, high on endorphins…)?

What will you EAT (pb and j or course…)?

What will do DO TO RECOVER (stretching while inside the hot tub at the gym)?

photo 3

But most of all,

7.  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!  What is your goal?  General health/wellbeing?  A race?  Fun?  Weight loss?  These are always the BEST motivators, I feel.

OK, so sorry for the long rambling post, but these are my tips. What are yours?!