The Transition

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Transitions are my type A personality’s least favorite.  But, life is just one big transition-filled event, isn’t it?!  Honestly, having Z has really made me a.  see how TRULY “Type A” I am  and b.  How I need to change this. Anyway, the latest transition going on right now is Zach’s move from two naps to one.  He has been on two naps (am and pm) for a REALLY long time, and being type A as I mentioned, I REALLY liked this routine.  It stuck for a while, in fact, much longer than I think is normal for babies his age (he is 16.5 months).  It was super nice to know that I had two separate times (about an hour each as of late) to “get things done.”  I think I mentioned this before, but during his morning nap, I would clean, work and prep dinner.  During his afternoon nap, I would run.  I decided to try to transition him when I felt he was ready. Honestly, even this week, he would go down for both naps and sleep for at least an hour each time.  In fact I was waking him up from his am nap (10-11) so that he would be awake long enough to go down for his second (245-4).  We were even waking him in the morning around 715 so that he could make his 10am nap time.  Crazy.  So this weekend down the shore, his friend (Baby Leah) is one one nap, so I decided since we were on vacation and had nothing to loose (and were going to be able to go to the outlets to shop woooot!) that I would try one nap.  FIRST, I let him sleep until he naturally woke up which was around 7:40.  AMAZING!  I was planning to put him down around noon when Leah takes her nap.  So, the morning went really well. He actually didn’t seem tired at all!  Granted, we were out and about, which I think is key during this transition.  Today I did the same thing and we went to the gym so he could play with the other babies in daycare.  The first time I tried the one nap things, he slept from 12-2. Success!  Today he slept from 12-1:50.  Eh.  I would like him to sleep at least 2 hours…I feel like any less will make his SUPER tired and ready for bed far too early; 1:50-7:15 is a LONG time for a toddler to be awake.  Anyway, yesterday was a two nap day, as with all transitions, they don’t happen immediately.  He just seemed SOOO tired around 10 so I put him down.  I think it will be like this for a bit until he gets into a new routine; one nap one day and then maybe two another day. I know for a fact tomorrow will be a two nap day as I will be in the car during his usual “morning nap” time so that will initiate sleep for sure.


Anyway, it is all a learning curve 🙂  Even my type A is beginning to learn 🙂  I think this is going to be a good change. I will have a longer chunk of time while he is sleeping to “get things done” and we will be able to participate in classes!  All classes for his age are geared around the “one nap schedule.”  We were beginning to be excluded from playdates and classes because all of the kids his age had already transitioned to one nap.  So, tell me:  How did your “nap transition” work?

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