RnR Half Recap Mile By Mile


I did it!  Wooooot!  And I had a BIG PR!  What an amazing (weekend and) morning! So, let me recap mile by mile because some of my thoughts, frankly, were hilarious….

Best way to prep for a race:  coffee in the 13.1 mug while reading an amazingly sweet card from an amazing friend

Best way to prep for a race: coffee in the 13.1 mug while reading an amazingly sweet card from an amazing friend

MIle 1- I cannot believe I got here on time

Husband dropped me off at the start and, because of my own fault, was super late (I decided to pump last minute to avoid any boob issues).  I think he dropped me off at 7:54. The race began at 8.  I initially felt like I needed to use the portas but immediately decided against it as I bolted from the car to the start while the anthem was being sung. Good feeling.  Not.  Anyway, I was debating for a  LONG time wether to run in a long sleeve shirt or a tank with a throwaway.  Husband let me use one of his sweatshirts to toss and it was BY FAR the right choice.  I feel bad though because I got rid of it at around .5 miles and I totally could’ve gone without.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.08.46 PM

Thanks, Marathonfoto!

Mile 2- I LOVE my Peanie and Hubs!

They were going to meet me around City Hall and then later around Falls Bridge when I KNEW I would need it. They looked so cute and made an awesome sign!  PS:  Peanie is my little nickname for Z.  I always called him peanut since he is a little peanut, and it has been shortened to Peanie (I know, sounds weird but whatever, like Husband said, he is 17 months, wtfc).  So anyway, I was feeling REALLY good.  And of course, like always, I went out too fast.  Positive splits for the win.  Not.  LOL.  Anyway, digestively things were going really well and I was psyched for the race.  Last night went like all (successful races go: PIZZA; someone even joined in the action:

photo 3

Seeing my little man and husband was a nice pick me up.  They were RIGHT where they said they would be!

Mile 3- So glad I saw my Aunt!  Where are my Mom and Dad?!

My Aunt met me around 6th and Market.  Super cute sign (the motherrunner one).  It was soooo nice to see her.  MY M+D were supposed to be with her and  I didn’t see them!  I felt sad and thought they didn’t come.  Turns out they were on the other side of the street. I ALWAYS run on the right (makes it tough for when water and Gatorade are on the left, but if it ain’t broke, dont fix it!).

photo 5

Cool signs; the one on the right is a personal joke between me, husb and peanut 🙂

5K Split= 26:49

MIle 4- Ugh this is a going to be a LONG haul

So, it was great seeing my family at the race but it was so early in the process that I was really worried about my motivation waning over the rest of the miles.  Admittedly, I did start to worry that I had indeed gone out to fast and wouldn’t be able to sustain the pace.I was running some 7:30s!

Mile 5- OK, just one “loop” to go.  

BZ (Before Zach), I used to train constantly on “the loop” from Eakins Oval, around the boathouses, across the Falls Bridge and then back down to the Art Museum.  It seemed long then and I had not done that loop in a LONG time.  So, I felt a bit anxious and beat down.  My legs were starting to feel the speed, especially my groin. BUT, I LOVE the loop so I tried to go into it positively, to enjoy the scenery and the beauty of this part of the city.

MIle 6- Pass the girls in the sports bras.

So, here is a little secret about me:  I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to run in just a sports bra.  And yea, I could, but I mean REALLY able to run, like six-pack able.  I am not.  But during this mile, I was beginning to fade, so I played a little game with myself:  pass the girls in sports bras.  Hahha. I know.  Nerd alert, but it made me pick up the pace and occupied my mind!  Don’t judge.

10K split= 53:34

Mile 7- I NEED to see my Peanie. I’m fading

I was REALLY fading during this mile.. I knew that seeing my little guy would give me some needed energy I just needed to get to him!    My legs (groin and hammies) were really bothering me and I wanted to stop SO badly to stretch but didn’t think I would start back up if I did.  I threw a few shot bloks in my mouth and braced myself to see Z and hubs.  It was awesome when I did, but then that darn hill leading up to the Falls Bridge greeting me with a slap in the face butt.

MIle 8- MUST stop to stretch. WIll I regret this?!

On the Falls Bridge, I just HAD to stop and pull our my hammies and squat for the groin. HAD. TO.  I only stopped for about 30 seconds but it felt incredible and was a GREAT decision.  I restarted with a fresh attitude and what felt like new legs!

photo 4

Mile 9- NO regrets. Leave it all out there.

That’s it.

MIle 10- You TRAINED for this!

I had to remind myself this many times.  I specifically reminded myself several times for the few 12-milers that I had.  You HAVE to trust the training.

10 mile split= 1:27:01

Mile 11- Can I break a 1:55?!

I honestly don’t usually try to set a goal until late in the race when I see how I am feeling.  I am a racer who goes out quickly, puts it ALL out there and then tends to struggle (happily though) at the end.  I would rather know that I had some short beginning miles and have some extra time to play with when I am gassed, then start slow and try to make up time later in the race.

Mile 12- I am NEVER doing a marathon

I had told the Husband after watching Spirit of the Marathon that I would probably want to run a marathon at some point in my life.  Possibly after baby # 2.  Hahhaha boy did I regret that sentiment during this mile. I could NOT imagine doing those 12 miles AGAIN!  I was also REALLY starting to regret”over running” the first mile.  It is a mistake I ALWAYS make.  I get overzealous and weave….a lot. IN this case I wove about ,25 of a mile!  ARGH!  The whole race I was .25 miles ahead of the actual race course (at 2 miles my Garmin said 2.25, etc.).  I was getting tiyuuuuuuurd and could’ve used a .25 mile reprieve!

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.22.53 PM

Mile 13- Who put that hill there?!

What a mindf$%k that last .1 of a mile was!  Not only had I already run 13.1 😉 but they had all of the race photographers on an overhang at mile 13 so you use all of your energy cheering and thinking the finish like is right there….and then there is a hill.  Now I am sure on any other day this would seem like a mole hill, but today, at mile 13, it was a MOUNTAIN!  Argh!  What a tough one!  My legs felt like there were sandbags attached to them and I felt like I was walking!  Hahha what a way to end a race!  But, I left it all out there and today was EPIC.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.23.42 PM

Final Race Stats:

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.06.02 PMAs you see from my Garmin above, I over ran and my actual 13.1 time was 1:52:20 (I checked my watch out of curiosity).

And finally, some pics from yesterday’s Expo:

photo 1


photo 2

2 thoughts on “RnR Half Recap Mile By Mile

  1. Nice job! I ran an 8k yesterday and felt a little bad about bringing a throwaway shirt as well. I totally did not need it. I ditched it before the race even started. Whoops.

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