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Hellooooo! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  What fabulous weather!  I will do a weekend recap post tomorrow because there were sooo many awesome things going on this weekend and I must share 😉  Anyway, I wanted to write a post on my latest “running news” and a cause near and dear to my heart.

photo 1

1.  Tackling the Beast!

A case of Fuse

Hand weights

A Baeba Baby food maker

A case of Chia sports bars

The BOB stroller

These are ALL things that I bought and SWORE I would use but haven’t done a great job at doing so.  AKA not at all.  I am DETERMINED to change the last.  So, after the RnR Half, I vowed to use the jogger at least once a week.  It is FAR to expensive to sit in the car as a “mall stroller” and far to good a training tool (imagine the strength I would gain pushing an extra 40 pounds!) to not use.  So, this week, I followed through on that promise. IT was ROUGH!  The four miles felt like 14 but the positive aspects that came along with a jogging stroller run were totally worth it:

Amazing scenery

photo 3


A happy baby boy (plied with snacks,of course)

photo 5

A stop to look at the duckies (Geese)

photo 4

And of course, the strength built pushing this baby (and the cardio that comes along with singing and talking to him with running)

photo 2I did 4 miles in about 40 minutes (including breaks for water and duck admiring).  Anyway, if you want a good workout, get a jogging stroller and a 22 pound toddler 😉

2.  I recently joined a newly formed group called Moms IN Training, a subgroup of Team in Training (a well known running charity for Leukemia), which is devoted to raising money for children with blood Cancers.  Here is a description of our group:

Moms have a special bond that should be celebrated.  LLS’s new program MIT recruits moms who are passionate about fighting blood cancers and saving lives.  MIT will get you ready to run or walk an 8k (5 miles) to help raise money to fight cancer.

As a (relatively) new mom myself, causes such as these are close to my heart.  I am excited to use my passion for running to do something positive.  

MY PERSONAL FUNDRAISING GOAL IS 500.00 BY NOVEMBER 16TH AND I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!  The race we are working toward is the Rothman 8K on November 16th.


Thank you SO much ahead of time. We all unfortunately know or will know someone who is or has been affected by this terrible disease.

I ran the Rothman 8k last November as my first race post-baby and this year it will take on a new special meaning.

3.  Goals:

A.  As I stated above, get outside once a week with the jogging stroller.  I feel like this will help my training immensely.

B.  Train smarter (only junk miles when I need to unplug, make each mile count)

C.  For the Rothman 8k my time last year was a 44:41, 8:59 pace.  I KNOW I can bust that.  I ran the half at an 8:45b pace and would REALLY like to run this 8k at an 8:30 pace…I know, lofty goal, so my goal is to break 42:00

D.  With C being said, I NEED to do speed training, no ifs ands or BUTTS!

E.  Abs.  That’s it. I need to work my abs, you know, to “chase sports bras ;)”

OK, so tell me, tell me ANYTHING!

What are your weekend plans?!

What are your goals fitness or other?!

Have you ever run for charity?!



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