Saweeeet Weekend!

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Hi everyone!  Happy Mon(moan)day.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Ours was great!   Here’s what went down (in list and picture form)…

Seriously, check the hair out!

Seriously, check the hair out!

Friday:  After work, Ayaya (Aunt Sara) came over and we played with z followed by homemade shrimp Caesar salad.  Then I went to bed SUPER early (starting the weekend off right)! I love sleep.  Truly.

Saturday:  SOOO Busy!

1.  Zach’s first fashion show

photo 2

2. I taught a class

3.  Manning a festival for Nest

4. Husband met me “in town” when z got up from his nap and we walked around town in the gorgeous weather

5.  Yummy take out for dinner

Sunday:  FUN!

1.  6 mile run (husband took z to the park :))

photo 5

2. Beautiful baby shower for lovely friend

3. Grammy and Grandpa came

4.  Went to the park

photo 4

5.  Went out to dinner at Famous Fourth Street

Wahoooo!  I really had such a lovely weekend!

photo 1