Reason 4,687 that I LOVE living in the city…

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Sunday morning farmer’s markets at Headhouse square.

photo 2

Walking to a fabulous fresh farmer’s market in gorgeous weather simply can’t be beat.

I had three purchases in mind: a dessert to bring to my Dad’s for dinner tonight, fruit for Z  (He loves plums, peaches, nectarines, pears), and a container of apple cider that I HAD to have Zach try.

Dessert:  Check

photo 5

The Most ridiculous sticky buns EVER. Zach approved.

Fruit:  Check

photo 2

Plums (one devoured by Z the moment we made the purchase), Peaches and Pears

Apple Cider: Check

photo 3

Verdict?  He loved it.  Duh.  He is my son.

Pit stop to the bread tray at the bakery?  CHECK.

photo 4

And then a brief jaunt through Washington Square Park, where he stayed in his stroller for .5 seconds before declaring “DAHHHN” and running here and there 🙂

photo 1

God damn, I love my city, I love my kid.

photo 1