Get in my belly!

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Oooo a lot of food-themed posts lately!  So, if you follow me on FB, you probably are aware that the above pictured junk food is by far one of my favorites (especially when eaten directly after a shower post-run).  So the other night, we were coming back from a little road trip and we stopped at a gas station to get gas and a snack. Always healthy.  Anyway, I grabbed a pack of (artificial) pb crackers for Z and he proceeded to eat them in the BEST and MOST INTELLIGENT way possible…with no prompting!  He opened the cracker, ate the side with the pb stuck to it,and handed me the “naked side.”  Duh.


So while this was happening, I was perusing the shelf for something for myself.  And in the process I created a “must try before I die” list of amazingly nasty snacks 😉 No really…these looked super appetizing to me…In no particular order:




YUMMMMM.  In case  you are wondering, I ended up with the above Ruffles (not the same bag of course; they barely made it back to PA) 🙂

So…what do YOU have to “get in your belly?!”


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I run when I am sad.

I run when I am happy.

I run when I am frustrated.

I run when I need to think.

I run to stay physically fit.

I run to prove to myself what I am capable of.

I run to compete with myself.

I run to avoid things.

I run to become faster.

I run to become stronger.

I run to get in touch with my body.

I run to be strong for my son.

I run to make myself proud.

I run to forget.

I run to remember.

I run because it makes sense to me.

I run because it feels good.

I run because it is never the same.

I run through tears.

I run through triumph.

I run through sickness.

I run through aches.

I run through baby naps.

I run through mental blocks.

I run through cramps.

I run for myself.

I run for charity.

I run for my baby.

I run for those who cannot.

I run because I can.

And I will run until I can’t.

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Friends who Cook.


Guys, I don’t have many friends (wow, now that was a lovely way to start a post) but those who I do call my friends are TRULY the best.  I value quality over quantity…and those who cook 🙂  Yesterday husband and I had the privilege of attending a friend’s home for a dinner party with our other friends.  The “chef” of the evening is, in fact, a REAL trained chef.  Let’s put it like this; we left with satisfied, full bellies and hearts full of laughter.  (Wow, that was cheesy but so true).  We had an amazing meal with a side of Cards Against Humanity (kinda the funniest thing ever- I completely recommend you playing this game). Oh, and these might’ve happened…

photo 2

Jello shots inside an orange peel. You know, keeping it classy.

Which might have spawned this…

photo 4

But anyyyyway, back to the real deal: the meal!  So, the chef was up against some challenges. So it was three couples: chef and her husband, me and mine, and C and hers.  So C has a few dietary restrictions including no dairy and I cannot believe how Chef delivered! First course: French onion unreal:

photo 5

And the non-dairy version:

Um homemade croutons?!

Um homemade croutons?!

Second course: an amazing lightly dressed (with a lemony vinaigrette)

photo 3

Main course:  Prime rib – holy cow this chick can cook!

photo 1

The most amaaaazing squash (I STILL don’t know how she did it) and mushroom truffle risotto (with a non-dairy version).

photo 1

PS:  I totally revisited that squash post run this afternoon.  Yup, she even sent me with leftovers!

photo 5

THEN came dessert!  Camera ate that photo (or the jello shots, possibly the wine?)  Brownies and Amaretto cookies!  Salivating just thinking about it.

SERIOUSLY.  Amazing food.  Amazing company.  Amazing friends.

Food Heaven: Sbraga, Philadelphia

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Hi there!  So this is NOT a sponsored post BUT I will disclose that I am very close with the GM’s wife 😉 so we were treated very well at Sbraga, as are ALL diners.  I HAD to share about this delicious meal. IT was a a must and you HAVE to try this amazing restaurant.  Chef Kevin Sbraga hits the mark with EVERY one of his delicacies and I am STOKED for the opening of his new restaurant (November-ish?) called the Fat Ham. I will report on this gem as soon as I partake in its wonder 😉  So let me start with my wonderful company:

Before the copious amount of drinks :)

Before the copious amount of drinks 🙂

Anyway, I will start with the drinks.  Sbraga has the MOST amazing bar tender who will be going to the new restaurant.  He is seriously the best and his drinks are OFF THE HOOK.

UNREAL popover; one of my favorite aspects of the restaurant, with drink numero uno: I don't know the name but it was stiff and good.

UNREAL popover; one of my favorite aspects of the restaurant, with drink numero uno: I don’t know the name but it was stiff and good.


Drink # 2: UGH I am horrible with drinks, but this was good and tasted like soda pop

Drink # 2: UGH I am horrible with drinks, but this was good and tasted like soda pop

Drinks 3 and 4 were unpictured because well, we were…



That (#4) was my faaaavorite drink.  It seriously tasted like Martinelli’s  YUM.  Double time.  OK, now onto the foooooood!!! I will do my best to describe (aka copy and paste from the website menu).

Carrot soup...amaaaazing- with marshmallow (?)

Carrot soup…amaaaazing- with marshmallow (?)

photo 4



DUCK TERRINE . CILANTRO . PISTACHIO PESTO . BRIOCHE (disclaimer:  I did not try this; I have issues with duck)

Oops camera ate the pic! :) GRILLED SALMON with EGGPLANT .  PEARL ONIONS . TAHINI YOGURT and chick peas OMG GOOOOOD

Oops camera ate the pic! 🙂





As if we weren’t full enough…here came dessert…INSANITY:

Lady Baltimore (?) Cake with pecan ice cream

Lady Baltimore (?) Cake with pecan ice cream



AND, the piece de resistance:


Holly Hannah

I am STILL full, STILL satisfied and STILL dreaming of that deliciousness.  OK, so please go to Sbraga!  It is #awesomesauce! Now for your daily cute Z dose:
photo 5

The Suite Life

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Geez I am just rocking those plays on words lately!  PS:  Be aware; this post has a ton of pictures 😉 Anyway, I am just loving life lately.

photo 1

It is so good.  Now let me get to the GOODS!  I rarely endorse brands on this blog because let’s be honest, no one is paying me to (yet) 🙂  Hahah but seriously, I HAVE to rave about the Hilton hotel in Scranton, PA.  I know, you are definitely wondering what in God’s name we are doing in Scranton, and no, it is not for an Office tour ;)… Husband had work trip and my amazing grandmother (Gigi to Z) lives there for half the year (and Florida for the other half).  So we decided to go along!  I brought the reinforcements (Mema) for maximum fun.  SO, let’s talk about the Hilton.  We got a suite (hence the post title) and I seriously want to move in!  It is beautiful; huge, clean and soooo comfortable.  So reasonable as well (our suite was only around 200 dollars and offered two enormous room with an equally enormous bathroom), provides great coffee in the lobby and awesome amenities.  Here was our room:

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Ok, now let’s talk about the gym!  OMG; all new Precor machines including treadmills that felt like running on clouds.  I repeat: on clouds.

photo 4

photo 1

There was also an amazing pool / whirlpool that we did not get to check out unfortunately, but you know I will be bringing my swimmies next time 😉

photo 5

So last night after we settled into the room, we wen to Cooper’s, a local favorite.  It was good (Z loved his grilled cheese and sugary applesauce) and had lots for Zach to look at.  We will leave it at that 🙂  Oh, and this:

photo 3

This morning, I got to run on said cloud treadmills and then set out to enjoy the town.  Mema, Gigi and I had an early lunch

photo 2

And then hit the mall…duh 😉

photo 3

…Where I managed to find the only thing in Boscov’s over 100 dollars.  Yup.  Nope, didn’t buy it, but managed to snap a lovely dressing room selfie for ya 😉

photo 4


Bummer.  So then we got home and (BOTH) took naps.  Ummmm how cute is this bed head?!

photo 5We then went over to Gigi’s and had a final “goodbye ” visit before we hit the road to return back to “the big city” 😉  What an amazing trip!  I loved it and can’t wait to go back!  xoxo


Race Not, Want Not


Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 2.28.17 PM

Supposed to be a play on “waste not, want not,”  what I mean to say is that this morning’s 5k just didn’t happen. While I was totally looking forward to this race because I truly believe in its cause (at least my money still was donated) and honestly wanted to know what an accurate 5k race time would be for myself (have never actually raced a 5k; usually do longer distances), I just couldn’t do it.  I didn’t sleep well last night; I feel/felt like I was getting sick. I woke up around 5am feeling SUPER achy and just KNEW I had to scratch my race plans.  Bummer, but all in all I think a good decision.  I need to give my body a chance to chill and to fight whatever it is up against 😉  I can’t afford to be fully sick right now; toddlers and sickness just don’t mix well, yaknowwhatimean?!  Aw man!  Just checked the results and my friend who helps organize got first in our age division!  You go girl!  And damn!  I think I coulda pulled a top 4!  Oh well 😉


Bummer too because I have finally found my best fueling option:

photo 4

YUP.  Anyway, today was spent napping and chilling on the couch so far.  There was a cool fair (3 Bears) that I wanted to attend but I had to miss it and send husband with Z.  Oh well, I am sure there will be many a more fall fests to attend.  Speaking of fall, I STOKED that my work (NEST) is having a pumpkin decorating contest because I have a SLAMMING idea 😉  Will share when it is complete; I don’t want those other rascals to steal my idea 😉  I kiiiiid (not really)!

photo 3

Yesterday we went to the Watermark to participate in a monthly event that I helped create with a friend called Generations Connect.  It is an amazing program that I highly suggest you be a part of (email me for dets).  Our mission statement is to help foster respect for our elderlies through music, crafts and playtime. OK, nooooow I’m rambling 😉  Hope you are having a fun fall-filled weekend!

18 Months.

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18 things I love about you

1. Your smile with fingers in your mouth

2.  Your giggles when you belly laugh

3.  Our time breastfeeding

4.  The way you say “all done!”

5.  The way you share with others

6.  The pouty o-shape you make when you say “googoo”

7.  Your love for books

8. The way you name all of your stuffed animals in your crib

9.  The way you say “chachit i-eeee” when you are asked what your favorite food is

10.  The way you give hugs, especially to Oscar

11.  How you proudly run down the street

12. How you randomly stop running and bang on the ground

13.  You ridiculously gorgeous blue eyes

14.  How random people stop to say how cute you are

15.  How you like to make friends with everyone

16.  Your fake laugh

17.  The way you entertain yourself before you fall asleep

(excuse the flipped video)

18. The way that you have made your daddy and I (and anyone else who loves you) feel like the luckiest people in the world.

I love you, my best boy.  You make me feel complete.

Love, Mama

photo 2

Random Photo Dump 1

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I finally transferred all many of my photos from my iPhone to the computer and found some GEMS that I wanted to share.  So get ready for a fun new series: Random Photo Dump 🙂



One of Zach’s favorite things to do lately is to run around with an article of clothing on his head…YUP.  Here he is with my running shirt.]


Zach going down the slide as he was taught (adorably backwards)


What happens when you allow your child on the couch alone with a pouch…sweet.


Z trying on a ridiculously adorable hat we sell at NEST.


Just a really cute picture 😉


Zach doing is Grover (googoo he calls him) pout…too cute


No words.

OK, hope you enjoyed that!  Next time the pictures will be from his 16th month (earlier) 🙂

Burned Out.

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OK, last whiny post for a while 😉  Maybe.  Seriously, I am usually a VERY chipper gal 😉

photo 1

LOL, so as I mentioned the other day, I have been not having the greatest of weeks and I was thinking about if it was WHAT was happening in my life or HOW I was viewing it.  So for instance, I was getting frustrated with a bit needy Zach (teething?).  I thought for a while about this:  was he being abnormally difficult?  Or was I burned out and therefore he seemed it?  I decided it was the latter.  Basically, my “me time” is during his nap. He sleeps about two hours.  While I run for one of these hours (me time) the other hour is chill out me time, whether I am mindlessly folding laundry, baking, or vegging out watching Wendy Williams (don’t judge).  Anyway, I realized that I had worked through his nap Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so DUH!  Of course I was feeling burned out.  I was missing out on “me time.”  Now, you are probably thinking “well how about when he goes to sleep?”  Something you should know about me:  I need, and have always needed, an exorbitant abnormal amount of sleep…for as long as I can remember.  So I go to bed ass early, like 9 or 930 early (again, don’t judge).  If I don’t get enough sleep, I get sick, cranky and it just doesn’t work well for anyone involved.  So by the time I get Z down to bed it is 7:30.  Then I cook and we eat dinner, and by that time it is 8:15.  Then I have about 45 minutes before I retreat to my amazing AMAZING bed.

photo 5

I know, uber dork.  So yea, that’s why I have been burned out with that aspect of my life.  It is now fixed as the husband came home early Monday allowing me to get some time out by myself, and then today during Z’s nap I resumed my normal “me routine.”

photo 3

So what else is burning me out?  Hmmm well maybe running…a bit. I guess taking ONE day off after the last half wasn’t the BEST plan, but it is not TOO bad.

photo 2

Some days (like today) I just do NOT want to do it, but most days are OK, so I wouldn’t say it is a full out burn out YET, but I have to be careful it doesn’t become one 😉  I actually just signed up for a cool 5k this weekend; the Justice for All sponsored by CLS (Community Legal Services).  This is a cause close to my heart as my husband is in the legal profession and a friend of mine helps run this event each year.  Plus I haven’t done a 5k since 2010!  Super excited!  Also interested in what my time will be!  I am used to loooong slow sustained runs.  This should be interesting.  And then in November I am running the Rothman 8k (this was my first race post-baby last year) with Moms-In-Training (a sub-group of Team in Training, LLS).  I need to raise 500 dollars and am halfway there. Please help if you can!  CLICK HERE.

photo 4OK, I’ll be back tomorrow with a less Debbit-Downer post 🙂  Toodles!

Useless Words to a Toddler

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“Please don’t put that in the toilet.”

photo 5

“You need to use a spoon.”

photo 3

“Don’t sit there.”

photo 4

“Mommy’s tired”

photo 5

“Not now.”


“You need to leave ____ (ex: Grover) at home.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 8.36.34 AM

“Time to go to sleep”

photo 4

“Slow down.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 8.49.59 PM

“Mama needs to get ready to go.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.20.35 PM

“You can’t have ice cream two minutes before dinner.”

photo 2

“Please don’t put that n your mouth.”

photo 1

And the best…