Burned Out.

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OK, last whiny post for a while ūüėČ ¬†Maybe. ¬†Seriously, I am usually a VERY chipper gal ūüėČ

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LOL, so as I mentioned the other day, I have been not having the greatest of weeks and I was thinking about if it was WHAT was happening in my life or HOW I was viewing it. ¬†So for instance, I was getting frustrated with a bit needy Zach (teething?). ¬†I thought for a while about this: ¬†was he being abnormally difficult? ¬†Or was I burned out and therefore he seemed it? ¬†I decided it was the latter. ¬†Basically, my “me time” is during his nap. He sleeps about two hours. ¬†While I run for one of these hours (me time) the other hour is chill out me time, whether I am mindlessly folding laundry, baking, or vegging out watching Wendy Williams (don’t judge). ¬†Anyway, I realized that I had worked through his nap Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so DUH! ¬†Of course I was feeling burned out. ¬†I was missing out on “me time.” ¬†Now, you are probably thinking “well how about when he goes to sleep?” ¬†Something you should know about me: ¬†I need, and have always needed, an exorbitant abnormal amount of sleep…for as long as I can remember. ¬†So I go to bed ass early, like 9 or 930 early (again, don’t judge). ¬†If I don’t get enough sleep, I get sick, cranky and it just doesn’t work well for anyone involved. ¬†So by the time I get Z down to bed it is 7:30. ¬†Then I cook and we eat dinner, and by that time it is 8:15. ¬†Then I have about 45 minutes before I retreat to my amazing AMAZING bed.

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I know, uber dork. ¬†So yea, that’s why I have been burned out with that aspect of my life. ¬†It is now fixed as the husband came home early Monday allowing me to get some time out by myself, and then today during Z’s nap I resumed my normal “me routine.”

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So what else is burning me out? ¬†Hmmm well maybe running…a bit. I guess taking ONE day off after the last half wasn’t the BEST plan, but it is not TOO bad.

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Some days (like today) I just do NOT want to do it, but most days are OK, so I wouldn’t say it is a full out burn out YET, but I have to be careful it doesn’t become one ūüėČ ¬†I actually just signed up for a cool 5k this weekend; the Justice for All sponsored by CLS (Community Legal Services). ¬†This is a cause close to my heart as my husband is in the legal profession and a friend of mine helps run this event each year. ¬†Plus I haven’t done a 5k since 2010! ¬†Super excited! ¬†Also interested in what my time will be! ¬†I am used to loooong slow sustained runs. ¬†This should be interesting. ¬†And then in November I am running the Rothman 8k (this was my first race post-baby last year) with Moms-In-Training (a sub-group of Team in Training, LLS). ¬†I need to raise 500 dollars and am halfway there. Please help if you can! ¬†CLICK HERE.

photo 4OK, I’ll be back tomorrow with a less Debbit-Downer post ūüôā ¬†Toodles!