Burned Out.

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OK, last whiny post for a while 😉  Maybe.  Seriously, I am usually a VERY chipper gal 😉

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LOL, so as I mentioned the other day, I have been not having the greatest of weeks and I was thinking about if it was WHAT was happening in my life or HOW I was viewing it.  So for instance, I was getting frustrated with a bit needy Zach (teething?).  I thought for a while about this:  was he being abnormally difficult?  Or was I burned out and therefore he seemed it?  I decided it was the latter.  Basically, my “me time” is during his nap. He sleeps about two hours.  While I run for one of these hours (me time) the other hour is chill out me time, whether I am mindlessly folding laundry, baking, or vegging out watching Wendy Williams (don’t judge).  Anyway, I realized that I had worked through his nap Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so DUH!  Of course I was feeling burned out.  I was missing out on “me time.”  Now, you are probably thinking “well how about when he goes to sleep?”  Something you should know about me:  I need, and have always needed, an exorbitant abnormal amount of sleep…for as long as I can remember.  So I go to bed ass early, like 9 or 930 early (again, don’t judge).  If I don’t get enough sleep, I get sick, cranky and it just doesn’t work well for anyone involved.  So by the time I get Z down to bed it is 7:30.  Then I cook and we eat dinner, and by that time it is 8:15.  Then I have about 45 minutes before I retreat to my amazing AMAZING bed.

photo 5

I know, uber dork.  So yea, that’s why I have been burned out with that aspect of my life.  It is now fixed as the husband came home early Monday allowing me to get some time out by myself, and then today during Z’s nap I resumed my normal “me routine.”

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So what else is burning me out?  Hmmm well maybe running…a bit. I guess taking ONE day off after the last half wasn’t the BEST plan, but it is not TOO bad.

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Some days (like today) I just do NOT want to do it, but most days are OK, so I wouldn’t say it is a full out burn out YET, but I have to be careful it doesn’t become one 😉  I actually just signed up for a cool 5k this weekend; the Justice for All sponsored by CLS (Community Legal Services).  This is a cause close to my heart as my husband is in the legal profession and a friend of mine helps run this event each year.  Plus I haven’t done a 5k since 2010!  Super excited!  Also interested in what my time will be!  I am used to loooong slow sustained runs.  This should be interesting.  And then in November I am running the Rothman 8k (this was my first race post-baby last year) with Moms-In-Training (a sub-group of Team in Training, LLS).  I need to raise 500 dollars and am halfway there. Please help if you can!  CLICK HERE.

photo 4OK, I’ll be back tomorrow with a less Debbit-Downer post 🙂  Toodles!

One thought on “Burned Out.

  1. Maybe it’s the lunar cycles (is it a full moon soon?) as the last few days – probably five as well – my temper has been so short. My kiddo is extremely clingy and boy I couldn’t wait to leave to go to work this morning. I had to hold him since we woke up, and I had to stand while doing it too, he wouldn’t ‘accept’ sitting and holding… I looked at myself too, I haven’t ran in about 10 days – it’s too cold outside (I live in Canada), broken treadmill, too much stuff to get completed on my lunch hour (which is when I would run), and I am beyond stressed. I also need lots of sleep. I love going to bed, I just do, doesn’t help that last night the kiddo was up about 6 times last night but oh well. “this too shall pass” right?

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