Random Photo Dump 1

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I finally transferred all many of my photos from my iPhone to the computer and found some GEMS that I wanted to share.  So get ready for a fun new series: Random Photo Dump 🙂



One of Zach’s favorite things to do lately is to run around with an article of clothing on his head…YUP.  Here he is with my running shirt.]


Zach going down the slide as he was taught (adorably backwards)


What happens when you allow your child on the couch alone with a pouch…sweet.


Z trying on a ridiculously adorable hat we sell at NEST.


Just a really cute picture 😉


Zach doing is Grover (googoo he calls him) pout…too cute


No words.

OK, hope you enjoyed that!  Next time the pictures will be from his 16th month (earlier) 🙂

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